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Nadia Nakai Amai is enchanting: honest review

This is a Nadai Nakai amai review. Nadia Nakai AMAI from Nadia Nakai Naked Is bewitching. The song starts off with a chant like chorus that will take you to a place of reverence.  The chant is African with all the elements of mid-summer night like round the open fire dances. it is mesmerizing and it is possessive.

Nadia Nakai Amai is honestly Nakai’s most heartfelt song and video to date. She joins the likes of Spice Girls, Tupac, Boys to Men and a 2008 Kanye West in celebrating their mothers. While Nadia mostly shows us her gangster side, the thick booty artist has humbled herself in this song to give praise to her mother ‘amai’. There is no one else featuring on this track and we all know Nadia Nakai is a rapper but, her vocals on the chorus are a breath of fresh air.

Nadia Nakai Amai Video

 Oh, My word, listening to Nadia Nakai Amai will have you calling your mother and wanting to thank her for all the good things she has done for you. This song is a reminder that the mothers that were there for us growing up and pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves need recognition even well passed their death beds.

Nadia Nakai Amai Music Video is as deep as the song. Nakai doesn’t show any booty or skin in this video, she gives off the appearance of bearing it all. She video portrays Nakai exposing it all for her mother: she is Naked but fully clothed. However, Nadia ‘disappears’ in the video and what we all see is a child loving her mother and paying homage to the one person who raised her and is always there for her.


The black and white Nadia Nakai Amai video makes this song even more dramatic, but also a classic. Her makeup is flawless, but it’s ironic because ‘she doesn’t want us to see the makeup’, therefore making it monochrome. She seems to want us to just simply appreciate the song.

Nadia Nakai Amai Lyrics

I think most of us can relate to Nadia Nakai Amai because to a large extent the majority of the male figure in an African child’s life is absent. It’s almost as if all men are raised by the same father. Because some men decide not to be there for their children, or thy decide to not care about the mom and just pay child support. It’s a funny thing that goes on in a male child who was raised by a single mom. They see what being raised by a single parent does to the single parent, yet most of them choose to be ‘careless’ with their seeds and create single mothers regardless. It’s a vicious circle.

And, because girls see their moms being good single parents, even thou most of them vow to never have a child before getting married, most of them would end up being single parents because they saw their mom doing it and they came out alright.

In my feelings

This Nadia Nakai AMAI review got me in my feelings. Oh well, Nadia Nakai Amai will make you think about the state of parenthood and single parents in our society and although this is to some extent a feel-good blog, I can’t help but find myself in my feelings when it comes to my dad. I totally relate to Nadia Nakai Amai because my own mother broke her back to take us through school while, I won’t say much about my dad’s roll In my childhood, I will appreciate that my mother is my rock and my salvation and in her I find solace, peace and no judgement. She is my daily bread and without her I would be lost. I dream to have the kind of relationship I have with my mom, with my own children.

Nadia Nakai Naked is a great Album and we should all vote for her for Female Rap / hip hop Album of the year.

Love you girl


nadia nakai amai, nadia nakai naked album
nadia nakai amai review, nadia nakai naked.


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