New years eve events near me with lady zamar
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NEW YEARS EVE events near me with Lady Zamar

Celebrating a birthday on the first of January  aka new years eve has it’s ups and downs. First of all… when im not in the country I don’t get the opportunity to enter the new year with my close friends or my people living in close proximity. But I do get to spend time with mom and my siblings when im in the UK Which is always a great idea.
Other than not being around friends, celebrating a birthday on New years eve / years day in South Africa is awesome. Take last night for instance… on New years eve… I was supporting Lady Zamar at the gig she had at church square and boy was it fun.

The first of January is magical for me and those celebrating it with me.  First of all… I never have to plan a birthday party as everywhere I go on New years eve is a birthday bash. It’s like everyone is celebrating my birthday,  other than welcoming the year.
On an even brighter note: if you got your ID  on the first and you are a new years baby, You could go into any club  and scream “Its my birthday” and believe me… it will all be about you five minutes after midnight. Lol the life of a January 1st Baby.

These pictures were taken at church square… 31 December 2016. Wasnt the prettiest of parties, we had a little drizzle and alcohol poured all over us when people got excited. A bit sweaty too as we had to run the whole block around church square just to get to the entrance in Bosman street.  Once we got there we got access to VIP which made the evening amazing .

Thanks so much for all the birthday  well wishes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for all the love. Thanks for the birthday shout outs on Radio and presents and to all those that called and sang, Tumi Keokama, Slindile and her entire family ???, My sisters, Rhandzo, Mumsy, Zeno, Kagiso etc much appreciated.

Thanks for making my birthday truelly memorable.

Happy New Year 2017.

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