While the question to some of us is might be do I really love cooking or not? The answer should always be… how can I make loving or hating cooking better? How do I make my task of cooking easier, whether I love it or not? And if that’s your question, and I’m hoping it is… we have just the solution. For me personally… what I don’t like about cooking is the chopping and the heating and that’s why it’s important for me to find kitchen gadgets that can chop and grate.

  1. The SPIRELLI SPIRAL sliver is king!! This baby slices anything in spirals. This kitchen gadget is perfect for when you want to make healthy dishes but want to disguise them as unhealthy dishes lol. Like, making gherkins spaghetti with gherkins. Looks like spaghetti but taste like gherkins. Love this!

kitchen gadgets Spirelli Spiral Slicer

  1. I LOVE potato chips and I know if I lay off then for a little bit my body would be 120% now it’s at 100% which is perfect but… it’s always great to be more than better.

Sealing potato chips bags are a must for me! I want to be able to eat them then close them up for later. When potato chip bags are not resealed they tend to lose their freshness which can get pretty annoying and chips later on taste stale and drab.  In my opinion, this kitchen gadget is bomb!!!

kitchen gadgets potato-chip-bag-resealer/

  1. The CORN-KERNELER-PEELER kitchen gadget is important in everyday modern life. There is this awesome wish at Tasha’s; it’s a new of exotic leafy greens, herbs and spices, corn and chicken breasts. It a probably rest to take the corn of the cob for that type of dish but it’s certainly easier with the corn-kerneler-peeler.

kitchen gadgets corn-kerneler-peeler-one-step-corn-cutter-3

  1. Ok… so the banana slicer is perfect for presentations. One can always use a knife to cut the banana into equal pieces but life is too short ???.

banana slicer

  1. Last but not least, the Pineapple Corer Slicer is one of those must have kitchen gadgets… I get so bored thinking about peeling a pineapple.

What I hate most is all the pineapple left on the sides of the pine that goes to waste. So this kitchen gadget is recommended for dessert decor, cocktail decor and and and ☺.

Links on where to purchase are HERE and HERE , HERE and HERE.


Banana Cutter: 

Spiral Cutter 



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