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Lip-Gloss Obsession to Mud Makeup Mastery

From Lip-Gloss Obsession to Mud Makeup Mastery: My Beauty Journey Unveiled.
Embarking on a makeup journey a mere three to four years ago, I, Beatrice, discovered a world beyond the simplicity of foundation and powder. My perception of makeup expanded as I realized that even lipsticks are integral components of this transformative art. Join me as I recount my evolution from a self-proclaimed Lip-Gloss Obsessive to someone who has embraced the enchanting world of mud makeup. Thankful for the education that broadened my beauty horizons, I now share my journey with you.

The Lip-Gloss Obsession Era
In the early stages of my makeup journey, I held a skewed perspective on what constituted makeup. Mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner adorned my face, yet I adamantly insisted that I was makeup-free. My deep-seated love for lip glosses, in particular, reached such heights that my friends humorously diagnosed me with LGOD (Lip-gloss Obsession Disorder). According to their criteria:

  1. Never letting lip gloss out of sight.
  2. Applying more than three coats during application.
  3. Maintaining moisturized and shiny lips even at midnight.
  4. The untimely demise of a new lip gloss within one week.

Admittedly, these criteria were a tad extreme, prompting me to reassess my relationship with lip glosses. Rather than clutching them in my hands as if my life depended on it, I made two significant adjustments:

  1. I no longer hold lip glosses but keep them neatly tucked away in my bag.
  2. Lipsticks, like clothing, are worn and removed – a rule now extended to lip glosses.

The Power of Lipsticks in Mood Transformation
Lipsticks, I discovered, possess the magical ability to alter my mood on any given day. A dash of red evokes the spirit of a superhero, a pink hue elicits a flirtatious smile, while black, orange, and purple lips convey a sense of exotic high fashion. Embracing my newfound identity as a “Liperholic,” I’ve made peace with my obsession while making conscious adjustments:

  1. Lipsticks, like outfits, are worn and removed promptly.
  2. Lip glosses have found a home in my bag, not my hands.

Transitioning to Mud Makeup
Having navigated through my lip-centric obsession, I recently ventured into the captivating realm of mud makeup. One such look I crafted involved a stunning pop of purple, perfect for a night out. The ensemble included foundation and powder from Clinique, black and purple Kajal eyeliners from Essence, and a carefully curated mix of black and purple eyeshadow from the Essence palette. Clinique blush, deep brown eyebrow crayon, and filler, along with a blend of purple and pink lipsticks from Essence and The Body Shop, completed the look.

Embrace the #PopOfPurple Challenge
Encouraging creativity among fellow makeup enthusiasts, I invite you to recreate the pop of purple look. Share your artistic endeavor on Twitter or Instagram, tagging me with the hashtag #PopOfPurple. Let’s celebrate the transformative power of a POP OF PURPLE MAKEUP and inspire each other to experiment and embrace the beauty of mud makeup.

My beauty journey, from Lip-Gloss Obsession to Mud Makeup Mastery, reflects the evolution of personal style and self-expression. Through the lens of newfound knowledge and a passion for experimentation, I’ve embraced a diverse range of makeup products. The #PopOfPurple challenge serves as a testament to the joy of creativity and the endless possibilities that mud makeup offers. With an open mind and a love for self-expression, let’s continue to explore the ever-evolving world of beauty.

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