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Think Mpho Nkadimeng the Artist Is Too Good to Be True? These 14 Q&As prove he is all that and more

I had a brief chat with an Amazing Artist by the name of Mpho Nkadimeng. I have known him for a while now, but I felt like I really got to know him just a little bit better after this interview. His art, as seen on Instagram, is powerful and I feel connected to it. I hope you one day get to see his collection first-hand and experience the thrill. We asked Mpho 15 Questions, but only included 14 because the other question needs you to be in his studio, purchasing the artwork, to get an authentic reply. A true work of art.

Hey Mr Nkadimeng… Are you ready?

Mpho Nkadimeng: Yeah Ms Banda. Lets do this


Do you have an artist name (stage name) do people just call you by your first name Mpho Nkadimeng?

Mpho Nkadimeng: I’m just Mpho

Questions 2

What kind of mental state do you have to be in to come up with a good and mesmerising painting?

Mpho Nkadimeng: For me it is that I have to depress myself into it or I have to remember sad moments.

Beliciousmuse:  That sounds deep. Would you say that that is one of the reasons people call artists tortured souls?

Mpho Nkadimeng: I come across that statement a lot, but from my perspective, not every artist is an artist because of torture. Others are artists because they are good at it. I am an artist because it was the first thing that I jumped to when I stopped playing with toys, and when forced into self-isolation because of being bullied

Question 3

Beliciousmuse: love your answer to that question because it leads into the following question. How old were you when you realised drawing, art and paint was a part of you?

Mpho Nkadimeng: I was Seven. I was in grade 1.  Because I always lived in my imagination rather than in this reality,  there was one scenario that influenced the need to do art. When I was in grade one, I saw that some guy who was a few grades ahead of me was selling drawings of action heroes that he traced.  He was selling them for ten cents, and I did not have ten cents.  I asked him if he can just give me one because I loved action heroes, and he said they are for sale. My heart was shattered. I swore to myself that I was going to do better than him. Ant that is when I started drawing. Later, I also realised that this was an extremely fulfilling practice

Question 4

Beliciousmuse: Continue the phrase: I would never draw…

Mpho Nkadimeng: I would never draw anything that does not come from my heart, or feelings. Because that would not be my artwork. My art is a conversation between me and the canvas

Question 5

Beliciousmuse: Wow… If you could steal credit for any great piece of art, song, film, book etc which one would you claim?

Mpho Nkadimeng: I never had a piece of art that I wished was created by me. Rather I find inspiration in poetry and movies.

So, you are a hopeless romantic ?

Question 6

Beliciousmuse: Can you share with our readers a few things you could or can do with a paint brush other than paint.

Mpho Nkadimeng: You can use a paint brush like an eraser when  doing candle smoking drawing, you can use it to paint with coffee, or you can use it to mix base colours when using spray paint like spray.

 Question 7

 Which one of your paintings are you most proud of?

Mpho Nkadimeng: These two because they were a perfect conversation towards the consolation of the loss of my friend, earlier this year

Question 8

How do you feel consumers perceive your work?

Mpho Nkadimeng: They usually say it has depth or its relatable or expressive.

Beliciousmuse:  When I look at your art, I feel a connection to it and to the painter. Like you understand me as a person and that your expression on that canvas expresses some of my inner longing for closeness. A masterpiece

Question 9

in your opinion, should art be used to influence political, religious, social, environmental views, etc.?

Mpho Nkadimeng: It is one of the things I hope for when I make an artwork, a hope that it will give others what it gave me which is understanding and consolation or motivation or contentment or peace.  In my opinion art should be what it wants itself to be and disregard the dictatorship of critics

Question 10

Why do you create art? Is it for money, fame or is it to fulfil that inner calling?  Is it to change the world?

Mpho Nkadimeng: Primarily it’s so I can sleep without having a gut feeling that there is something that’s going wrong in my life. It’s like having a motivational coach who just understands what they need to say, so they can uplift my confidence and self-esteem. The money part comes because art is a profession. So, from being myself, the world is adjusting to who I am.

Question 11

Do you think you (artists) see the world differently than non-artists?

Mpho Nkadimeng: I think past experiences and education teaches a person to see the world differently and the circle of people one finds themselves in contributes to how we view the world. Because a nurse or police or cleaner can give a perspective of the world or life that an artist never even thought about.

Question 12

What advice would you give to your 12-year-old self

Mpho Nkadimeng: It is more like an appreciation. Thank you for going through the experiences you had to go through. Those experiences have become the references to my art.

Question 13

Beliciousmuse: Do you feel like art in south Africa is taken for granted and not seen as a real occupation / career? Compared to more Western Countries. Or is it the same?

Mpho Nkadimeng: I do not have experiences of how artists are treated in other countries. All I get is usually word of mouth. But I know that art in South Africa is taken for granted based on the support systems that should ensure a successful upbringing of an upcoming artist but are not there. Upcoming artists must fend for themselves.

Question 14

How long does it take to create an Art Piece?

Artists do not usually create single masterpieces overnight.  Exceptional artwork is mostly created in studios, bedrooms or anywhere really.

Beliciousmuse : Where can your future clients find you to see and possibly purchase these Masterpieces.

Where Can Future clients find you?

Mpho Nkadimeng: They can find me on Instagram under IG account @mphopostart and email for enquiries. And Studio:  Studio 10, August House, 76 end street, Doorenfontein, Johannesburg?

Beliciousmuse: Thank you so much for your time today Mpho. I really appreciate it

Mpho Nkadimeng: Thank you Beatrice I am happy you have given me time to open my thought capacity. These questions were fun to answer! wow

Beliciousmuse: ?

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