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Mozambique vacation Outfits; Choosing what to wear on a vacation can be a daunting task if you are not sure of the weather forecast during your stay. But when it comes to Mozambique, the weather is similar to South Africa with exception to beaches. Weather in cape town is cooler than the weather in Mozambique beaches but the weather in Durban is more or less the same as Mozambican beach weathers.

The best Mozambique vacation outfits are outfits that do not need too many layers. A jumpsuit or playsuit is the best in terms of beach parties but its also the worst when you want to go pee. But the tribal print jumpsuit that i was wearing during my stay in Mozambique was worth the hassle when going to the toilet. It just looked too cute. i had to wear it.

Mozambique vacation outfits must be effortless. Looking good at the beach must be easy. I know i am not good in wearing accessories but wearing accessories at the beach make your images Instagram worthy. just try and make sure that that the accessories worn at the beach are of little value. It would be a shame to lose expensive earrings ad jewelry in the sand.

Language Barriers 

I used to like Portuguese, the way it sounded, until I entered a country whose only official language is Portuguese. Guys… at some point on this journey I found myself watching Hotel Transylvania in Portuguese, Everybody Hates Chris had voice overs in Portuguese, Everything on TV was in Portuguese. Luckily for me the Coke Advertisement with the high school boy trying to impress his high school sweetheart in a maroon school blazer was in English and hearing it play made me feel very at home.

Communication with other people became so bad I downloaded GOOGLE TRANSLATE and spoke only after typing a sentence in English , then I’d try to say it in Portuguese, which didnt help much because of pronunciation, so we ended up just exchanging phones whenever we wanted to say something to each other. (NB. After a while I got better with pronunciations )

Activities in my Mozambique vacation Outfits 

Other than the communication totally lost in translation, my journey was fun and it had a lot of activities. The 1st of January was my birthday but because it’s on the first I usually celebrate it throughout January. I thought celebrations were only going to take place in Pretoria when I got back but boy was I surprised. Vicky (my friend, hostess and the only other English speaking person I knew, apart from Liberty and Praise) saw how devastated I was that I was celebrating the year In ‘Portuguese’ lol literally. So she spoke to a couple of her friends and I got to enjoy my birthday to the max, in style.

I thought it was going to be the beach, chill, relax and then life goes on. No… it didn’t happen like that. Late in the afternoon we were asked to join her friends because they were having a braai at their house and me, liking things, was like cool, let’s go. We had taken so many images at the beach I didn’t even want to take the camera but Vicky insisted.

When we got there I was given a chair to sit on and lo and behold they started singing, in Portuguese or English, I think.  HAPPY Birthday!!!! They sang. I was shocked, more like amazed but all in all warm inside when I found out that all of that was for me.

The surprise birthday party

But let’s be honest guys… it was easy for them to plan the surprise because I DON’T HEAR A WORD IN THE LINGO!  they would talk in front and around me, id hear nada. A good and a bad thing it was because if they were saying something bad, I wouldn’t hear them either.

The day ended well; I was happy, my friends where happy, we had great food, fake champagne, and awesome company. I loved every bit of January the 1st. I think I’m blessed because my birthday is on the 1st. I get to start each and every year in a new and fresh way.  Shout out to all Capricorns, especially those with whom I share a birthday with.

Happy New Year

Images shot by IVANDA CHEMANE


The surprise Birthday Celebration/ Cake with the HUGE Candle  🙂

Cutting my Birthday Cake

What else is there to wear at 41 Degrees Celsius ?

I was  happy here. It had been a while since I was last by the sea.

Selfies with my Boo… Looking bad Ass like… Dont even think about it!!! We will cut you. LOL

These guys were selfish with their crappy boat. Pic still looks good thou. They should be happy i love photography.

Mozambique vacation outfits[/caption]

Wading in the water

Checking out our crazy videos or selfies I think… choosing which ones to post on Social Media


Trying to look bad-ass, but couldn’t, was too happy.


I had to taste the cake first then share it. Was delicious. Someone kept making me laugh.. who was it? Oh.. and the cute girl beside me is Mimi.

This was genuine surprise on my face. I wasn’t expecting it. Thanks Guys

THE FACE YOU GIVE: When your boyfriend tells  you he was out last night with his boys but your friends saw him at a restaurant with a hoe.. but you calm because you dumped his ass last week , you just waiting for him to find out.

Mozambique vacation outfits
Mozambique vacation outfits

Doing what I came to do in Mozambique; enjoy the fresh sea breeze and chill.

Walking out the water like… Girl BYE!!!


Gisele, Vicky and Me.

Some guys just came to the beach to stare at asses. oh well, i left that pic out. LOL

The gorgeous Ivanda

Você é um natural atrás das lentes e você tem grande talento quando se trata de fotografia por isso, não desperdiçá-la. Espero que você encontre mais paixão nele como uma carreira ou um hobby. Mas eu vou deixar você saber que a cada dia que você se tornou muito bom eo que você estava fazendo e você nos fez olhar surpreendente.

I Hope im saying this correctly.

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