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A biologist’s husband disappears. Then a biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don’t apply but does not find what she’s expecting or looking for. The expedition team is made up of the biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a surveyor, and a linguist. This is the basis of Annihilation movie, without giving too much away.

Multiple teams of investigators and soldiers have been dispatched into the area over the past year, and none have reported back or returned. It’s a compelling mystery, and potentially even an exciting challenge to the right kind of person.

Watching the opening scenes of Annihilation Movie had the feel of watching The Arrival but with more colour. This movie has a very strong female lead, like the Arrival. When I watched the Arrival, I was captivated, moved and literally glued to my seat until the end. If you enjoyed watching The Arrival, Annihilation movie is for you.

30 minutes into the movie and I started getting goose bumps. The story unravels carefully and deliberately and makes you believe that some of the scientific fiction happening in the movie can happen to you. I started making sure I was alright by touching my stomach and pulse and that nothing alien was ‘growing on or in my body’.

Annihilation movie blurs the lines between pseudo-science and reality, makes you question what life really is and how it can change if or when you are exposed to certain substances or forces you can’t control. The concern is equal to radiation. If you were exposed to radiation, or were a survivor of Hiroshima, those kinds of rays could have affected your body genetics and even  have change them completely, history suggest,  so that if you get pregnant, you could give birth to a child with 8 libs etc. The point is, this movie comes close to blurring the lines with reality and fiction and it’s a MUST SEE, HAVE TO WATCH kind of movie.

Annihilation Movie is currently streaming on Netflix and you can watch it HERE if you are subscribed. Annihilation stars the wonderfully talented Natalie Portman is supported by a plethora of talented actors and actresses including Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez, Anya Thorensen, Tuva Novotny and Cass Sheppard, to name a few.

You not going to see bangs and explosions as big as Transformers and Pacific Rim but Annihilation Movie is the most thoughtful science fiction movie of 2017/2018.

Watch Trailer HERE 

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