moonchild sanelly and busiswa lion king the gift sound track

Moonchild Sanelly and Busiswa on Lion King The Gift soundtrack

Moonchild Sanelly and Busiswa on Lion King the Gift soundtrack: As announced earlier this week, Tierra Whack, Beyoncé, Busiswa, Yemi Alade and Moonchild Sanelly all feature on a song titled My Power. It comes as no surprise to fellow South Africans that Moonchild Sanelly was handpicked by Beyonce Knowles Carter to feature in the Sound track of the Lion King: The Gift.

DJ Maphorisa and DJ Raybel’s song iWalk Ye Phara featuring Moonchild Sanelly, K.O, Zulu Mkhathini was used on the Queen Beyonce’s social media that included footage of Beyoncé’s Visit to South Africa during Global citizen 2018. Beyoncé has many followers and they are still growing. Currently Beyoncé’s Instagram account has approximately 130 million followers and counting.

When Beyoncé used Moonchild Sanelly’s part for the show reel. It immediately went Viral in South Africa. It went viral all over the world because Beyoncé is simply a Queen but it went Viral in South Africa because Moonchild Sanelly’s voice was used by Beyonce to express her gratitude to South Africa, and show the rest of the world the fabulous time she had in South Africa.

Moonchild Sanelly has had a long journey into music, from where she started to where she currently is now. What has made Moonchild Sanelly’s music pop, is her unique voice. She doesn’t Sound American, she doesn’t sound European, she sounds very much like a South African woman expressing her music in her native tongue. Another thing that has put Moonchild Sanelly on the map is her way of making music sound non-serious, whimsical and fun. 

Moon child Sanelly and Busiswa are the perfect duo from South Africa to represent the South African sound. Busiswa and Moonchild Sanelly make great music, everything they touch becomes a hit. It’s refreshing hearing Beyoncé and other African artist in one song. But this is not the first time Beyonce has featured an African Artist in her music.

Beyoncé’s Journey to the Lion King began with Grown Woman. It was one of the earliest songs that showcased Beyoncé’s love of the African Drums. Beyoncé Lion King The Gift is also not a project that was conceptualized yesterday. Beyonce has continually shown her love of celebrating African people, African features and African Music in many ways. Beyoncé’s Song Formation was a clear expression on her appreciation of Black Excellence and a protest against police brutally in America.

Moonchild Sanelly and Busisiwa and Beyonce are a match made in Heaven.  Moonchild Sanelly and Busiswa on Lion King the Gift are sounds we didn’t think we needed to get our lives!! The song is fire. Moonchild Sanelly and Busiswa on Lion king the gift sound like pure perfection. It’s a beautiful marriage between Beyoncé’s Voice and the wonderful sounds of Africa.

Congratulations MoonChild Sanelly and Busiswa on Lion King the Gift Sound Track. Keep soaring, keep flourishing and keep representing.

Listen to My Power by Beyonce feat Moonchild Sanelly and Busisiwa and other African artists below.

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