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Moo Moo RESTAURANT review: as the name suggests is a Meat and Whine restaurant. For those of you guys following me on INSTAGRAM, you’d remember that I’ve recently taken part in the 7 day Vegan Challenge but it ended a couple of days ago. During that week all i ate was plants. I went out of my way to avoid temptation in the sense that I even went hunting for vegan milk which I happily found at Checkers Hyper (Alpro Almond Milk). Very delicious I must say.

Today I was rushing to a quick meeting in Brooklyn and I could pick the spot or restaurant where i wanted to have the meeting. I chose MooMoo. It looked inviting but, I didn’t realize the kind of restaurant MooMoo actually is.When I got inside I found that they specialize in beef and related delicacies but to my surprise they also cater for Vegetarians, not vegans but, if you ask nicely I’m sure they  can come up with something to your taste. I ordered the Vegetarian Pita filled with the most delicious crushed avocado and halloumi cheese, smothered in some spicy sauce and chutney. HHHMMMM…. Oh gosh, the cheese tasted sooo nice after not having had it for about a week. The pita came with my choice of side and I picked, no rocket science there, THE SALAD. 🙂 LOL.

I liked the Vegan diet and i’ve decided to elongate it further for another two or maybe three weeks. The past week was a bit of a culture shock as I’m so used to eating meat. It was a bit hard sticking to what I said I would do but i did it. I ate the halloumi cheese at MooMoo because there were simply no alternatives, which is somewhat one of the biggest problems vegans and vegetarians face daily eating out. The most important thing however is, when you want to achieve something you will go out of your way to do it. (No excuses). My experience at Moo Moo was refreshing, the atmosphere, calm, waiters interesting, all in all, a good place to have something to eat in Pretoria, or more specifically in Brooklyn.


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