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Miss South Africa crowned Miss Universe for the 2nd time in 3 years.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Zozibini Tunzi won Miss South Africa 2019. But, time has lapsed, thankfully, from the ridiculous Metro FM twitter poll! The poll was asking: what do you think of the new Miss South Africa? Stunning, just OK, or wrong decision. It seemed like the world was moving at a faster pace than South Africa a couple of months ago. But now we have caught up when it comes to modern acceptance and admiration of darker skin tones and authentic African afro hair. Because guess what! Zozibini Tunzi, Miss South Africa 2019 was crowned Miss Universe 2019 in the early hours of the morning, South African time.

In the past 10 years, Africa has taken the Miss Universe crown three times. Leila, who won Miss Universe in 2011, is a girl from Angola. By then, she was the fourth woman from Africa in the pageant’s sixty-year history to win the Miss Universe title. Leila was born in Angola’s southern Benguela province, a place she praises for its beautiful beaches, kind people and amazing food.

In the past decade, South Africa has won the Miss Universe crown twice. The first was DEMI-LEIGH NEL-PETERS who took the crown in 2017. And the second time was Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi. South Africa is blessed with beauty and the beauty is not just of the soil. There is something in the water. To be crowned Miss Universe for the second time in three years, words cannot explain.

A Miss Universe with an Afro

Zozibini Tunzi is the first female to win Miss Universe with an AFRO! She is a breath of fresh air. While everyone else is wearing weaves, wigs and hair tracks, Miss South Africa went to win Miss Universe 2019 competition in her authentic self. As South African women, As women Periodt! We can do whatever we want to our hair. If we want we can relax it, we can braid it, we can keep it in protective styles, we can cut it and we certainly can wear it as natural as possible.  We can wear it soft and nappy or we can wear it thick, coiled or straight.

Zozibini Tunzi won Miss Universe 2019 and sparked fireworks of inspiration across the country. Little black girls everywhere are looking up at this gorgeous Xhosa, African Princess and the narrative is changing. Where we once only wanted to look a certain way because of ‘outdated’ beauty standards, the same beauty standards are changing. Is it bad that some of us change only by seeing other people being embraced in their truth? But, that is life.

People change by seeing

By beholding we become changed. We changed previously because of what we saw. All we saw was one kind of beauty on our tv screens and  in magazines. Now, we see amazing diversification.  This diversification is much needed and kudos to every black parent pushing and encouraging their sons and daughters to love themselves authentically. You guys are the real heroes of our society.

Miss South Africa is Miss Universe.  Miss South Africa crowned Miss UNIVERSE. A dark skin Xhosa girl with a beautiful smile, beautiful hair and awesome charisma was crowned Miss Universe 2019. Miss Universe is Zozibini Tunzi. Miss Universe is Miss South Africa.

Sasha Lee Olivier is now Miss South Africa 2019.

What happens to the title of Miss South Africa 2019 now? Well, because of Miss South Africa winning Miss Universe, Miss South Africa will now be the runner up. Tunzi represented South Africa in Miss Universe 2019 and was crowned Miss Universe while 1st Runner-Up Sasha-Lee Olivier will represent the country in Miss World 2019. Sasha lee Olivier, Miss South Africa 2019 Runner up, the gorgeous and voluptuous size 36 model, will assume the title of Miss South Africa 2019 due to Tunzi winning the Miss Universe title.

What a time to be alive. First, we win Miss Universe 2019 and now Miss South Africa will be greatly and happily represented by a plus size woman who is all about body positivity, who joined the Miss South Africa competition because she wanted to set an example for young girls. And what an example she is setting!

“I wanted to show them that it is OK to be a size 36,” said Sasha-Lee. “I think it is so important to show them that there is strength in overcoming things in your life.”


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