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Mihlali Ndamase 17 summer outfits: number 14 is a killer

Mihlali Summer Outfit ideas

Summer is one of the best seasons to go out and about and spend some quality time with family and friends, but it can be a little confusing to know what to wear when the weather gets hot. Luckily, there are alot of options that will let you show off your summer style outfits while still staying cool. Whether you’re hanging out with your friends, dressing up for a night out or day out, or wearing the perfect accessories to your outfit, it’s easy to look your best all summer!

Start with a casual top that is not too tight. Tight fabrics will make you feel hotter, so choose a top that skims lightly around your torso and allows you to move your arms freely. Mihlali Shows us how this is done by wearing see-through chiffon tops with tighter bottoms.

Tank tops and other sleeveless shirts are a popular summertime outfit idea. Pair them with distressed or mom jeans or a pair of shorts and sandals for the perfect in summer style.[1]

A graphic tee paired with sneakers and jeans or shorts looks great on pretty much anyone. Graphic- Tee with short skirt is on trend this summer. Looks cute and effortless.

Wear a short-sleeve, button-down shirt with khaki shorts and flip-flops for an outfit look that will fit at a friends braai

Choose casual bottoms/ pants or skirts that will keep you cool. Loose, flowy fabrics and cuts which expose a little skin will be more comfortable than constricting or full-coverage pants. Also bear in mind that Sunscreen is a must with all outfits in summer.

The options are endless for lightweight, breathable fabrics. In the next few months in South Africa,, you’ll be most comfortable if you wear fabrics that will allow sweat to evaporate. Cotton, linen, and athletic fabrics are all good options.

If you’re going to be at the gym this summer or playing outdoor sports, try wearing a mesh tank top with a pair of breathable shorts and sneakers. Don’t forget to pair them with socks to avoid smelly sneakers.

Incorporate your swimsuit into your outfit if you’ll be around water.
 If you’re going to be near the beach or a pool, don’t hide your swimsuit! Try to build your outfit around it so you can show off your swimwear where-ever you will be.

Let the straps of your bikini top show under a tank top or t-shirt.

Wear your swim panties under a skirt or short pants so you’ll be ready to jump into the water with no hesitation.

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  1. Nosisa Williams says:

    Stunning, I love the earthy/ly colors and daring bright colors…”Sasha fierce” indeed ♥️. This style for me is so ??…definitely a YES for me! ?

    1. thanks Babe. I love the earthy colours too. I’m not into Neons and stuff although at times i wear them when the need arises

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