Miguel and Nazanim mandi get married
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Miguel and Nazanin got married after 13 years of dating. The Platinum life Star, Nazanin, has talked a numerous times about her and Miguel’s relationship.  According to Nazanin, Her and Miguel where planning on getting married, but they were not in a rush and didn’t want to do things just because people say they should.

Patience is a virtue

According to Miguel, he “didnt feel the pressure” to get married and wasn’t raised to “throw things around” like that.

“You gotta know who you are as a person, first of all. And I think I’ve come so far as a man and I’m just starting to feel solid, where I feel I can hold this down legitimately. I think people now like throw things around like marriage. I just wasn’t raised like that.

“I don’t feel the pressure because I know that when I commit, I can really commit. Now it’s just thrown around because it’s so easy to break up. I’m not that kind of person. I’m just not…I wouldn’t do that to her and I wasn’t raised like that. I just don’t feel like that is honorable.”

He also added that he’s “wild at heart” and Nazanin’s “learned to adjust.’

Do you really know each other to commit to each other.

All relationships have to go through challenges before couples can start calling each other hubby, wifey, the one, my one an only etc. How does he behave when he is angry? Is he short tempered, does he throw tantrums if or when he or she doesn’t get what he or she wants? Can he or she compromise, will he leave if i tell him I’m pregnant? Does he take care of his kids, is he a spender or a saver, is he stingy? Is he a giver, is she too materialistic, if i lost it all, would she stay? Questions I’m sure Both Miguel and Nazanin know  the answers to by now, i mean… 13 years of dating is not child’s play.

Many a times we make the mistake of rushing into a commitment or rushing to unzip pants or drop the panties. If you looking for something more serious, the zip and panties shouldn’t be the first thing you do when getting to know someone. But… 13 years of dating and still getting married? That is a phenomenon that rarely happens in South Africa.

Reassurance to Marry

When listening to Metro #AskAMan , i heard a story , narrated by Ms Anonymous. She stated that they had been in a relationship with her person for a little over ten years, with the guy promising to marry her as time went on. After 10 years in a relationship, he finally broke it off and three months later, was marrying someone he had known for less than a year. Moral of the story; a guy usually knows, after meeting a girl, a short time after that, if he will marry her or not. If he is in the correct state of mind, he might delay if it’s finances or other uncontrollable issues.  But, a man knows.

Sometimes, as women, we want to be reassured that if i wait, will I still get married when he is ready. A man might say, i want to marry you but lets wait.. and you can wait. But when he is not sure, and you can see the relationship is not evolving, its a girls choice to leave or stay.

Nazanin was content as Miguel’s girlfriend for thirteen plus years, and i say this because of what she used to say, on the Platinum life. You could see that she wasn’t worried and that she knew that when they are both ready, the wedding would happen. And it did… Being sure in your relationship is both parties responsibility to each other. Nobody wants to build a future with someone who is a part time worker, or a person in transit. That s*&% breaks a lot of hearts if it’s not communicated. On a lighter note,  Good things come to those who wait. And if you are sure of each other, WAIT.




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