michael kors sexy amber review

Michael Kors Sexy Amber review

Love story of Sexy Amber

My love story with Michael Kors Sexy Amber started on a Sunday. I remember the exact day because we (Boyfriend and i) had spent the entire Saturday night dancing at a club, then got home to an argument. Do not know if it was the booze but I remember feeling unhappy. He did not like it when I was unhappy, stressed or hurt. And he was trying to manage the situation. I remember standing in his kitchen and looking at him with mascara running down my cheeks. The tears had ruined the nights makeup and my hands were folded and withdrawn. He slowly reached out towards me, pulled my shoulders towards him, and made me rest my head on his chest. He then whispered a sorry and kissed me on my forehead while hugging me.

Immediately after that forehead kiss I calmed down. I felt relaxed and loved. I accepted his apology, slowly removed myself from his grasp and proceeded to the shower. It was an awkward shower because I usually sing in the shower. But there was no music playing on my phone. The house was silent. It was just me and my thoughts and the hot drops of water.

I came out the shower and saw him still standing by the wall. He looked miserable. But his sadness turned into a slight smile once he saw me smiling. I do not smile easily after an argument and I tend to take hours and even days before returning to normal, after a disagreement. I question whether he loves me. I ask myself if he really meant that sorry and the thoughts spiral out of control.

Things between me and my boyfriend used to get really heated and difficult but on this particular night, all the anger or frustration I had felt before we had entered his apartment had vanished the moment he pulled me towards himself, kissed me on my forehead, and said sorry.

I told him that I was going to bed, he nodded, then followed me. We slept with some distance between us, both looking the other way. As I started to fall asleep, He slowly moved closer. When I finally fell asleep we were spooning and his one arm protectively pulled me towards him and snuggled. I fell asleep with a smile.

The following morning, I woke up to a pink A4 bag on the bed. He was not in the room when I woke up. Just before taking a peep in the bag, he walked in. I was already smiling. He smiled too. How did you sleep, he asked? I slept ok, thanks for asking, You?  I was nervous, he replied. Wanted to gift it to you last night but… He looked at me, then looked to the floor, with unhappy, sad eyes. Why do you look so unhappy, I asked? I am not unhappy, it is just that I wanted last night to be perfect. I am sorry.

Its Ok, I replied. I am over it. Please open your gift, he continued, as he sat next to me on the bed. I did not need a second invitation. I pulled out four things from the pink giftbag.  Krone Nectar, A box of pink Lindor Chocolates, a gift card to my favourite clothing shop and Michael Kors Sexy Amber.  When I pulled out the perfume, he said, got you this so they can smell how sexy and smart you are at your new Job. Congratulations on your promotion. With excitement, I jumped up to hug him and the rest is history.

Michael Kors Sexy Amber

Michael Kors Sexy Amber is a classic scent. It is beautiful, seductive, and sultry in so many ways. And my body chemistry works beautifully with this fragrance. I can wear this scent all the time and in whatever season. It is perfect for evening wear, but you can also get away with it for daily wear. It makes me feel sophisticated, elegant, and attractive! Its perfect to wear to an office job. Imagine this, a tight red pencil skirt, with a  ruffled chiffon blouse with huge sleeves. A pin-up hairstyle and red Christian Louboutin’s with a touch of Michael Kors Sexy Amber. The perfect perfume for any wear and on any day.  You can purchase Michael Kors Sexy Amber at Edgars  and Truworths

Glad you enjoyed the read. Leave a comment if Michael Kors Sexy Amber resonates with you too. Sincerely. XOXO

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