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Met Gala Fashion can seem ridiculous until you find out what the theme of the party was. The Theme for Met Gala 2016 was Fashion in the age of Technology.  There Is so many ways on interpreting this theme. Some did a good job, some stayed safe and some went all out. What’s most interesting about this year’s met gala was that a lot of celebrities interpreted the theme literally.  Some of those that interpreted the theme literally were couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It was all shine and metals from their corner.

The Famous couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West(middle) looked dope with Kanye looking a little awkward. Wait… Was he trying to look ‘white’ with his blue/grey contact lenses? It just looked like he was trying to be something or someone he is not. We already know Kanye West is a non –conformist but why the blue eyes? Do you perceive People trying to change the color of their eyes the same way you would treat or perceive skin bleaching? Let’s talk.

Anyway… These are the top ten looks from the met gala 2016 outfits. The couples looked great. Couples that stood out were Zayn Malik with girlfriend Gigi Hadid(Left) with metal accents, almost looked like what he was wearing was a prop from I, Robot the movie. Cool and innovative. The Weekend with Sister to Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid (Right)  looked normal. The dress was nice but didn’t go with the theme. She played it too safe. But she looked lovely.

Side Bar : Don’t you just love that the two sisters are dating Musicians and that these musicians put them in their music Videos? LOL Its sooooo cool. LOVE IT!!!

Claire Danes’ wins best dressed at the met gala 2016 with the Glow-in-the-Dark gown designed by Zac Posen. #Stunning

Kendell Jenner looked bomb in her simple but sophisticated dress. But lets not lie, she always looks great.

If you follow Kylie JENNER ON Snapchat you will remember that the dress that she wore left her legs bruised and red because the bottom part of the dress had very hard material. She took a snap of her legs and it looked like a cat was trying to climb up on her, didn’t succeed but scratched her. ( What we do for beauty)

For the first time Beyoncé really looked simple. There was nothing special about the dress compared to what she always wears.  (This was A simple nude latex dress, plus she looked tired #Sigh). She should get in formation and take a break

Lupita Nyongo poured a bit of sweet, minty dark chocolate on the sea of milk and she shone. Only question is why wasn’t there a bit more colour on that red carpet.

Zendaya wore a simple gold mermaid gown with one sleeve . Dress looked edgy and modern and so fitting to the theme.

Kate Hudson blew people away with her white metallic type gown

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  1. Really! Does anybody even come close to “Z”? If that figure didn’t stop you in your tracks that look in her eye sure did. Two words; ELEGANT and SULTRY!
    Ain’t gonna top that this year, SORRY!

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