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Menlyn Mall is an award-winning super-regional shopping Centre situated in the capital city Pretoria, South Africa. This multi-level Center boasts over 275 stores including a large base of international brands and flagship anchor stores. Menlyn Mall is setting new standards in retail to enhance its position as the leading shopping Center in Tshwane/Pretoria and in the world.

Before people even thought of Re-developing Menlyn Park, it was Beautiful, its people diverse and esthetics calming, a place where one could go to retail therapy in peace.  But, once all the reconstruction started, Menlyn mall became a nightmare. It became too huge, and not as pretty. When they first opened the more elegant food restaurants section on the OTHER side of the mall, things became difficult. All of a sudden one could not just drop off at the mall with heels on and go to where one needs to go in and out. Nope! Walking in and through the mall could take plus/minus 45 min, which isn’t cool if you don’t know where the new shops are situated.

That being said; Menlyn mall is currently a place where you cannot walk in if you don’t have comfortable shoes. From one end to the next its store after store, passage after passage.

But isn’t that what we like? To be able to choose were we want to go, which shop to visit and not need to drive somewhere else when we don’t get what we came for?

Well, that is what Menlyn mall is going to be like end of 2016 when it re-opens, in less than 60 days. The improvements are huge. There will be sections of clusters of similar shops  like, the fashion wing, food wing, jewelry wing etc. This demarcation will help put similar stores in one place and also give one an indication on where everything is at so one doesn’t need to travel EVERYWHERE to get to somewhere.

Menlyn Mall will reopen in less than 60 days and its going be one of the biggest malls in South Africa and Africa as a whole. I’m looking forward to that.  I just hope all the construction will be done before the Menlyn mall reopens.

Because the opening of the Park is such a huge thing, we were invited for more information on the reopening process. The Press event was held at Fire and ice hotel and it was a blast and very informative. Gift packages received included a pair of shades from H&M, a Cute Teddy Bear from Hamleys, Sample cosmetics from Loccitane, Lipstick and Vegan (Fighting against animal testing)  Bath Bombs from LUSH! Looking forward to seeing these new stores at the Park 🙂



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