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Memories in the Grass: Chapter 1

The wind gushes and blows her short, dark, floral cotton dress against her long legs, in a sea of perched yellow grass, extending to an orange horizon. She stands in the centre of the field alone, strong and ready.

In the shallow of the afternoon sun she closes her eyes and breaths in the evening sky, tilts her head up and in the darkness she sees two rooms.

She enters the first door and is immediately hit with the smell of pink Roses that remind her of the flowers she once received from a person she once loved. His body, smooth… His posture,
strong… His character sweet and bright like a living pulsating sun. She smiles.

She could have spun around him forever. He was her satellite and he had her heart.

But love became soggy and promises forgotten. A weeping willow grew from within and a cloud of rain drowned that which had once bloomed.

Things changed. And in a moment everything became a mirage. Love transformed into a transparent bird in a cage that couldn’t be set free. The room turned a silent grey.

Every petal of hope blown away until she was standing with nothing in the room to see. Her face weary with doubt. Tears slowly leave her face as she remembers a once happy place.

She walks backwards in a cloud of grief and closes the room once filled with whimsical, intoxicating pink petals now mere shadows that haunt her in the night.


Memories in the Grass is written by Beatrice Thandi Banda

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  1. Archie Chadz says:

    I love the essence and comparison between the person and Nature in your piece… a whole vibe of Transcendentalism. Depicting the whole sense, may her heart soon release from clouded grief. Everyone deserves a true silver lining.

    1. Love your comment ???❤❤❤ Thank you so much for the positive feedback. XO ??????

  2. Tebogo Mathe says:

    This is marvelous, keep on writing some more.

    1. Thank you for your kind words… ?

  3. sja says:

    wow! amazing, cant wait for next chapter, pliz qhubeka

    1. Most definitely. I’ve been reading alot lately and found myself so in awe of African Literature writers. That’s my inspiration.

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