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15 ways Mdu Khathamzi, best South African Photographer elevates photography

Mduduzi Khathamzi or better now as Mdu Khathamzi is a creative visual storyteller based in Pretoria. If you are looking for a good photographer in Pretoria, one that always understands the assignment, Mdu is your man. He is a perfectionist and pays attention to the smallest details.  Mdu and I did a young photo shoot at his studio, and I must say, its honestly a privilege seeing myself from Mdu’s Perspective. Today I will be having a chat with this amazing Pretoria Photographer and visual storyteller and you will hopefully get to know him and his vision and style of photography much better. We asked him 15 questions and his answers to these questions will make you think about Photography in a slightly different way. Let’s get into these 15 questions with one of the Best South African Photographers to date.

Mdu also took all the images on this page.. Soooo Enjoy

Question 1

Beliciousmuse: Mdu, you are such a talented Photographer and before you start being modest, your work speaks for itself. But, before all this perfection, what is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

Mdu Khathamzi: Hey B! hahaha Thanks I try. I wish I knew that it was going cost me an arm and a leg to get photography? equipment ?

Question 2

I know you are a perfectionist because you have said it to me before. Many times. Who is the only one you trust to assist you when you are in the creative Zone?

Mdu Khathamzi: I have a couple of close friends in the creative field whom i bounce ideas on and at times collaborate on Projects. In this way I am always in a creative Space

Question 3:

Beliciousmuse: As one of the best South African Photographers ( in my opinion), where else in the world would you love to visit to capture and explore your creativity.

Mdeezet_Khathamzee: Definitely the capital city of Cuba – Havana (old Havana). A friend of mine studied medicine in Cuba and during one of his visits to South Africa he showed me pictures of the place. It blew my mind. From the beautiful architecture, colourful vintage buildings, vintage cars and the women of course. ‘’clears throat’.  I would do some serious mrivithi there.

Beliciousmuse: Haaaa ??? Mdu‘’clears throat’. 

Question 4

What is the one thing you have appreciated regarding Photography as you have grown in the field.

Mdu Khathamzi: The fact that it is broad and not limiting.

Beliciousmuse: That is a great answer.

Question 5

What kind of Photography are you most comfortable doing and what kind of Photography intimidates you and why?

Mdu: I am more comfortable doing conceptual and artistic type of photography. Whether I’m doing product photography or anything else, I always want to add some kind of ‘’unconventional’’ artistic feel to it.

Wedding photography intimidates me because of all the running around and the unpredictability of it all.

Mdu Khathamzi, Pretoria Photographer, Best South African Photographer, Beatrice Thandi Banda, Beliciousmuse
Beliciousmuse Muse Portraits by Mdu Khathamzi

Question 6

In ONE word. How would you describe the work that you do?

Mdu Khathamzi: Creative  

Question 7

Beliciousmuse: When did you know that being a Visual Creative was what you were meant to be? Please tell us the story.

Mdu Khathamzi: From when I was young. Especially in my primary school days.  I used to excel in art subjects. I was known as that kid who knows how to draw and i always participated in art programs. I started playing with my brother’s camera in Secondary school and the rest is history

Question 8

Do you have any tips on staying organized in your business? You do such amazing work.

Mdu Khathamzi: Hahaha??? me? organized? I am able to be organized, the issue is ‘’staying organized’’

Beliciousmuse: Well, I am on the outside looking in. I see you ?

Mdu Khathamzi, Pretoria Photographer, Best South African Photographer, Beatrice Thandi Banda, Beliciousmuse
Best South African Photographer Mdu

Question 9

Beliciousmuse: When you arrive at a location for a session, what is the first thing that you are looking for as you kick off the shoot?

Mdu Khathamzi: I usually check the location first a day or two before the shoot. That way I get to visualize and plan my compositions. But things don’t always go as planned and I have to improvise.  

Question 10

What is your current favorite image and why is it your favorite?

 Mdu Khathamzi: My current favorite images is the one I shot with a wide angle lens. The Canon 24mm. I love the distortion it creates.

Question 11

Your images are so light and clean. Do you do a lot of post processing, and could you tell us your software of choice?

Mdu Khathamzi: Yeah I do, also depending on the type of shoot. For post processing I start off with Lightroom then Photoshop, recently I have started experimenting with Capture One which I’m going to use when shooting in studio.

Question 12:

Beliciousmuse: I know that women can be a bit insecure when getting into studio.  I speak for myself… thank you.

You and I have been friends for a very long time so taking pictures with you is like second nature to me. But… what about ladies that you meet for the first time who might feel intimidated or a bit shy… What do you do to make them feel at ease or lighten the mood?

Pretoria Photographer Mdu Khathamzi: I’m an easy-going type of guy so it doesn’t take long for them to be comfortable. Also, If I’m shooting in studio, I always play music and at times I ask for their Playlist. I once listened to a whole album of Beyoncé, some songs were repeated and other songs I sang along. It was a jam session. Also try to involve them in the whole shoot; I ask for their suggestions, posing ideas, and compliment them when they do well.

Beliciousmuse: That’s Sounds nice. Let’s do that for our next shoot.

Question 13:

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you were starting out, what would that be?

Pretoria Photographer Mdu Khathamzi: ‘’Just relax and take your time’’

Question 14

What is your top THREE favourite Photography gear and why?

Mdu Khathamzi: Canon M50; its affordable and mirrorless. Godox AD200 Flash, its small portable and gets the work done when shooting outdoors. Lastly, the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 lens; the focal length makes it easy to shoot almost everything. You can buy or rent at Outdoorphoto

Question 15:

Where can future clients find you. Social media, Studio, Contact details and email address.

Mdu: On Instagram. The handle is @mdeezet_khathmzee and please send Enquiries to but DMs are more than effective.

Beliciousmuse: Thank you so much for your time Mdu.

Disclaimer: ALL IMAGES taken by Mdu in Studio. ALL images are the property of Mdu (KhathmzeeCreatives) And may not be used without licensing and consent.

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