marc jacobs daisy love review

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Review

Marc Jacobs and designer fragrances are a great Duo.  The Perfume Daisies symbolize innocence and purity and light-hearted-ness.  I am obsessed with floral perfumes and if florals are your thing, you should not forget to add this Springy fragrance by Marc Jacobs called Daisy Love.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is addictive and irresistible. Daisy Love fills the air with a contagious intimacy of youth.  Daisy Love is a masterpiece of a fragrance created by perfumer Alberto Morillas. This gourmand bright fragrance reveals its first notes in a spectacular burst of sweet cloudberries. Delicate daisy tree petals intertwine with sparkling cashmere musk’s and driftwood to create a lasting and memorable scent. A nod to the Marc Jacobs iconic Daisy, Daisy Love sprinkles with an oversized daisy flower that reflects the ever so warm glow of the bottle

The Packaging

The bottle is adorable and totally cute and will look amazing on top of any soft and pink kind of girls dressing or perfume table. I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love packaging because it looks great as part of your bedroom’s décor. People do not generally buy fragrances based on packaging, but I am guessing the packaging is what draws your eye to a certain perfume if you in a perfume shop. And the more feminine or eye catching a fragrance bottle is, the more likely I will take a closer look, smell it, and maybe purchase it.

How Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Smells

The original daisy fragrance has such a distinctive scent. Daisy Love is just as powerful and long-lasting perfume, which makes me extremely happy because I do not get the itch reapply, at any time of the day. The floral notes smell like a basket of freshly backed vanilla muffins with some sugar. The key notes of the fragrance are crystalized cloudberries, daisy tree petals, cashmere musk’s and driftwood. The warm sweet floral scent is so perfect for summer, but I wear it in winter too. I just mix it with other perfumes so its not too sweet for others around me, but if it I was not wearing perfume to ‘please people’, id wear it the way it is, alone, in winter. Because I love it THAT much.

Words to Describe Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

Fresh. Uplifting. Vibrant. Capturing the airy essence of nature and the innocence of spring. The Daisy Love is a seasonal twist on the classic Daisy fragrances. It’s like walking into a wormhole that opens up in a field of blooming daisies and lush greenery. Another description of how Daisy Love smells, would be to say, This Fragrance is an inviting burst of pink rosebuds and rosewood blossom, paired with spicy cardamom for texture.

How Others described Daisy Love

My sister said that Daisy Love smells like a sweet and gorgeous lady, walking down Parisian streets while holding delicate pink peonies wrapped in the sweet and creamy smoothness of fig and fig milk.

My friend Naledi said that Marc Jacobs Daisy Love smells like Fresh Spring in a comforting way. It is a comfortable fresh scent with notes of green tea blossom and a bright burst of sugary sweet like candy and flowers. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is alive and healthy, young, and vibrant. Marc Jacobs Daisy Love is delicate like cotton candy and macarons and smells like sweets for adults.

My final thoughts

Perfumes are a gift to humanity. Both men and women alike.  It is nice, to walk past a guy and smell his cologne. Not overpowering, but just enough. And I know I am not the other woman that enjoys the scents of working men. Yes, all working men.  How a perfume mixes with body odor accumulated throughout the day, can be sexy. As all perfumes smell different on everyone because in the long run, perfume mixes without distinctive body odors and creates A unique but pleasant smell. If you are into that kind vibe. Hope our review has confused you a bit on what kind of perfume to order next. Sincerely. XOXO


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