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Maputo Beach Mozambique Vacation

Maputo Beach

Going to Visit Mozambique has been a wonderful experience. And finally getting into Mozambican Maputo Beach has been something i’m glad to tick off on the bucket list. I have been to Maputo Beach and i swam in the not so blue, a bit muddy waters of parts of Mozambican Beaches in Maputo Beach Bikini. Maputo is sort of the only beach that has muddy waters. The rest of Mozambique like Xai Xai and Bileni has beaches you can only dream of. Beaches instagram worthy.

When you travel alone, you need to have a friend you are going to. If you don’t have a friend that is meeting you there, its hard to take pictures but its even harder to be safe. Especially in a foreign country where the main language is Portuguese. If you know a bit of Tsonga you can navigate through Mozambique because one of their languages is very similar to Tsonga,

I learnt a couple of words that i deemed neccessary in Mozambique. The word i used a lot is AQUA and i used that word in connection with KENT. When you put the two words together , its AQUA KENT. Meaning , hot water. I asked for hot water a lot during my trip.

When you visit Mozambique: Travelling alone is a mistake

I traveled alone but i went to see a close friend and stayed with her family. Victoria. Oh my gosh. No one told me that i should have brought an extra South African member to travel with me so we can communicate together in ‘South African’. lOL Vicky spoke Portuguese with her family and i was left to ask questions like, huh? What did she say? say that again? lol what are you guys talking about? etc. It was not a fun Mozambique Holiday experience.

Getting ready to wearing a Bikini at Maputo beach

So when i planned the trip, i already new that i wanted to shed some fat and be a bit more trimmed at the Beach. So for 6 weeks before my vacation, i spent time at the gym to look the way i look in these images. I did my squats. I did my crunches and i did a whole lot of running. I have always wanted to take these kind of pictures and post them on this blog but the time wasn’t right. And, if i had taken these images in my flat or anywhere not around water, my mom would have had a fit.

Taking these pictures was another excuse to show off how hard i have been working at the gym. What good is progress if the progress is not seen or is hidden? None. So i had been working my ass off and these pictures sort of prove it.

To get fit i followed these few simple rules.

  1. Cut out from your diet what you think is making you look bad. For me its beef and dairy products.
  2. Get an exercise routine that works for you and stick to it. Don’t do what others subscribe to. Do what you know or what your doctor or dietitian or coach has recommended. A person i know was told she should eat all kinds of meat, cut down on carbs and spend many hours in the gym. That didn’t work for her because her body doesn’t digest meat fat very well. A perfect example that what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.
  3. Get a friend, personal trainer, someone to motivate you. Let’s face it: It’s not fun exercising by yourself but If you both lazy then it won’t work either. There should be one that’s obsessed with fitness and one that needs to be motivated.
  4. Motivate yourself daily. If you want to look like a Victoria secret Angel or at least try to look like one, you need to train like an Angel.
  5. Lastly: a diet filled with raw green veggies never hurt no body. Helps eliminate toxins, clears skin and assists (assists)with elimination or hiding of cellulite (with the help of Baby oil enriched with Vitamin E ofcourse)
  6. An add on: eat what you like on holiday just control your portions. I mean, who wants to be on a diet during the festive season?

Someones husband took these photos

So i met a couple of people on my trip and i had arranged that Victoria should take my beach pictures but on the day of the shoot she fell sick. We were with her two other male friends in the car when she told me that she will not be able to take pictures of me. I was devastated. You see? The reason why its advisable to travel with a companion? Anyway, the two guys felt sorry for me and offered to help.

My married friends are still my friends. I mean, he was doing me a favour and i will be eternally grateful. When we were done with the shoot i noticed that Maputo Beach waters are not clear. I didn’t notice earlier because i just really wanted to take the images.

The following day i had to take more pictures and so the other friend offered to do that. So i had two camera men for each bikini i wore. Oh my gosh. You guys should see the Photo-shoot with the sunrise. It was magical. Check it out HERE.

Mozambique Maputo Beach Vacation summary

If you want to go to this country, Mozambique, always go with an extra person. It could be a friend, a lover or a sibling. And if you want to talk to anyone in Moz Mozambique, make sure you know a little of the main language spoken there. You will thank me later.

If you want to go to the beach to swim. I would not advice you swim at Maputo. I would rather you swim at Mozambican beaches like Xai Xai and Bileni. These beaches are clear blue and the sand is white.

When should you take a vacation to Mozambique? Maybe not in the heat of Summer. Going in autumn or spring is the best time to Visit Mozambique. I say that because when it is really hot, its hard to walk on the sand. The sand burns.

Also, when you visit Mozambique and want to go walk on the sandy beach. Make sure you carry sunscreen. Or you WILL BURN. I am already dark skin but i became darker skin after the 1st photo-shoot at Maputo Beach that took roughly thirty minutes.

I got sick from Mozambique water

So because I’m so used to drinking South African tap water, i assumed that a little Mozambican tap water for brushing teeth wouldn’t kill me(one more thing not to do when you visit Mozambique). But you know habits. After rinsing, there is a bit that you drink. In a nutshell, i got back from Mozambique and had a viral infection. I had to be hospitalized and my friend Rose took me to the hospital. It was one of the most scary things thats ever happened to me. So, if you will be travelling by car, stock up on water before crossing the border. I’m not Saying that Mozambican water is bad, all I’m saying is that it didn’t help me at all.

Oh my gosh, look at the time. I have so many other articles to write. So let me post this quick. Btw, if you want to see more beach, vacation photos and stories. Click HERE.

Signing off from a remote Mozambique beach in paradise

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