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Maps Maponyane thoughts on Women’s style

It was a warm Monday morning; Masego, known to most as MAPS MAPONYANE , and I had been discussing for weeks on when to meet. Then one day I received an email confirming his availability to meet and boy was I excited.

Adidas original sneaks.

Fast forward to this particular Monday morning, the handsome Maps Maponyane had arrived right on time looking oh so dapper in a stylish Tiger of Sweden Suit, hat from Simon and Mary, Woolworths Black T-shirt and Adidas original sneaks.

Our interview was at Doppio Zero, a gem of a restaurant situated at the corner, in an area filled with top notch eating places in Rosebank Mae greeted us with so much warmth that if by any chance the weather was cold that morning, I didn’t feel it. I didn’t know what to expect really, we had met only once before but even then his persona was calm, relaxing and let’s not forget charming. Plus, he smelled good. Our crew asked me how he smelled like because I was going on and on about his cologne even way after he left. I couldn’t explain it, I ended up saying, he smelled like the ocean, blue and fresh like a breeze. LOL. Ok, before this becomes a man crush Monday article for everyday of the week, let’s get down to business.

MAPS MAPONYANE is a style icon, recently awarded Most Stylish Celeb at the YOU spectacular awards, so you might understand why getting his views on fashion and style was very important to us. As some of you already know, Maps is a man of many talents, a model, voice over artist, fashion designer, TV Personality and more but what got us excited though was that Maps will soon be ‘viewable’ on our big screens. For all of you movie lovers and goers out there,  there is a new movie coming out on September the 18th called ‘Tell me sweet Something’ a local fill starring the one and only Maps Maponyane along side the gorgeous Nomzamo Mbatha , Thomas Gumede, Thishiwa Ziqubu, Kagiso lediga, Thembi Seete and Mampho Brescia. (But why wouldn’t we want Maps to tell us sweet somethings as he whispers in our ears?) #ConfusedFace

I’m a huge movie fan so I’m hoping to be blown away by this production. Let’s go and support Proudly South African movies guys. Oh, and did I mention it’s directed by Akin Omotoso? Well, now you know.

I bet you all are bummed I didn’t include the link to the movie trailer right? Ok. Ill be nice. 🙂  Read until the end, you might find it.

A couple of points mentioned in the interview that got my attention were that Maps styles himself! Yep. You heard right. He doesn’t have people styling him or telling him what he should, can or shouldn’t wear, contrary to popular belief. Was totally refreshing hearing this but also gave me some new found respect for the man. If how he looks is the outcome of his personal choices and he looks damn good all the time, he is damn good.

I eventually asked him what inspires him in terms of fashion, he said –firstly, I’ve never wanted my style to be categorized or boxed into anything. I’ve always tried to be able to be malleable, flexible and versatile between being punk, street or hip-hop or just classic English gentleman, when you see that in my suits. It’s the everyday man that inspires me, just from seeing people walk around, what they wear and how they wear their things. I’m always interested and take an extra look and find things that I love from their outfits.

One more thing that piqued our interest was that Maps doesn’t go to the gym to keep that fiiinnnne -ok let’s keep this PG 13 – To keep that body of his in check, he simply plays a lot of outdoor sports with his friends. Sorry ladies, no gym selfies on his Instagram Account. #Sigh

Beliciousmuse is a fashion and lifestyle blog so we asked him what he thinks looks good on a woman in winter. I had all sorts of ideas of what I thought he would say but his response surprised me. He said – I like long trench coats on women. I love a woman in a long trench coat in this time of season and hats seem to be a beautiful accessory. Underneath the trench coat as much as you are going to layer them, keep them nice and flowy. There is nothing like a woman in winter because it’s such a beautiful thing when they take their coats off, it’s like unwrapping this wonderful present.

Our interview will continue on YouTube where we will be uploading the link and sending it to our users and subscribers soon so do the right thing and subscribe.

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Until Then… Enjoy. xoxo

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