Nude lipstick looks best with a full face of makeup. Imagine wearing a nude lipstick with no concealer, foundation, mascara, eye liner with eye brows not done. The images I get while writing this is an image of a hungry looking girl. Nude lipstick if not worn properly has the tendency of making one look very hungry, pissed and just plain dull and faded.

I avoid using matte nude lipsticks but I recently started enjoying it. I Found the perfect nude lip-gloss to go together with any matte or satin finish nude lipstick. While nude matte lipstick is not supposed to be paired with a lip-gloss, I found that whenever I put the combination together It actually looks good on me. The nude matte lipstick will add a more even color to your lips, especially the slightly darker top lip that’s found on some chocolate women. In a nut shell, the lipstick evens the lips out, almost acting like a lip foundation.

Nude matte lipstick also helps girls with red lips neutralize a little. So when the lip gloss if finally applied, the lips are actually nude and not shade of pinks or browns.

Some chocolate girls find it hard getting their hands on some nude lipsticks and even lip-glosses. One of the biggest reasons that is, is that most nudes are designed for the more vanilla, caramel skin tones. Therefore one will get a nude lip-gloss or lipstick but it will appear too light, making the wearer of the lip-stuff look even hungrier. #DEAD

But have no fear!!! I found the perfect nude lipstick perfect for Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel skin tones. This range of nude lip-glosses is from Essence Cosmetics and they have  recently even  included a deep maroon/ red in their collection that applies on a bit ultra but very moisturizing.

What I love about the XXXL Essence Nude Lip-glosses are the different shades of nudes. They have nudes, as mentioned early, for in my opinion, every shade of skin. Kudos to them

The one worn in these images is Soft Almond and the other two are Hot Brownie and …….. Make sure you pick yourself a perfect color and might I add they really last, are ultra-smooth, got great applicators and are  all in all great-byes.

Love you guys.


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