Fashion magazines have evolved over the years to include diversity.  International Vogue magazine has evolved alot more compared to British Vogue Magazine. British Vogue in the last four years has featured only three black celebrities namely Jordan Dunn, Beyoncé and Rihanna twice since 2011. International Vogue on the other hand has done a great job of including people of colour on their famous and widely envied cover stories.

Lupita Nyongo in the latest issue of International Vogue is something to be celebrated. This is by the way not Lupita Nyongo s first Vogue Cover, it’s her second. I think we should all take this time to pause for a moment of silence as we witness history being made here. International Vogue has one of the largest audiences to date. We could even go to the extent of calling Vogue magazine the Michael Jackson/ Selena Gomez of Magazines. That’s how huge it is.

In this 2016  October Vogue, Lupita says that she wants to create opportunities for people of colour. Truth be told, Lupita Nyongo doesn’t have political power at all. What she does have thou are character and zeal. And more specifically, her presence, body and face on one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world. #BadAss

Seeing Lupita Nyongo on the cover of Vogue magazine is empowering before flipping through to see what she got to say. To be frank, Lupita Nyongo has been empowering us ever since 12 years a slave when she, in my opinion, offered excellent acting and won an academy award for that role.

Lupita Nyongo continues to create opportunities for people of colour by allowing us to see her succeed. When such an authentic, sun kissed African woman can succeed in a none perfect and biased world, THAT, Is creating opportunities. Because when we see her on those Vogue covers and we are introduced to her on our big screens, her presence and her entire being are inspirations.

So this Vogue cover is totally something to share and something to make noise about. Lupita Nyongo COVERED international Vogue for the second time and she did it on pure talent, hard work and determination. And if she can do it, so can every other Africa kid that has a dream, do it!!!

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