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If you like good food and great service you might want to try these restaurants, if you haven’t already. These are my go-to restaurants when I don’t want to try out something new.

  1. Boabab, Pretoria, South Africa

Choosing a good restaurant to go to can be a bit of a task, especially if you live in Pretoria. Pretoria restaurants are not situated close together unless you are visiting a mall. So, one day, we were doing our monthly clothing shopping and decided to not go for the fast foods but opted for a more healthy option. We settled for Boabab Menlyn Mall. Boabab has an earthy look and feel to it and the service is awesome. No one sounds or looks fake or tired and that was a plus because we were exhausted and tired.

I opted for sea food for health reasons and to see if they sell good fish dishes. I must say… My meal was more than delicious. Pescetarian? No problem. You don’t always have to go to Ocean basket for good sea food. Try Boabab. One more thing I liked at Boabab was the portion sizes. Don’t worry, its affordable. Dinner for two should not cost you guys more than R400.00 with reasonable drinks.

Boabab, Menlyn has a great view, overlooking the highway. At night there is a fresh breeze and during the day, enough sunlight.

Boabab impressed us so much I had to try the Boabab, Wonderboom Junction. What I loved about Boabab, Wonderboom junction, was the light on the ceiling and the cool outdoors theme. A great restaurant, you won’t regret it.

  1. Cappuccinos, Pretoria, South Africa.

Cappuccino’s is my all-time favorite commercial restaurant all because of their pizzas. My favorite cappuccino’s dish is the Sicilian pizza. Its tangy, a bit salty and if you like anchovies, you will enjoy it. Cappuccinos pizzas are bomb. The Cappuccino’s where we ate the pizza at is the one at Brooklyn Mall.

Cappuccino’s is a medium franchise so they can also be found at Menlyn mall.

The dish i chose to order at Menlyn mall was the obvious choice, SEA FOOD!! Three words: mouthwatering, palatable and eye-opening. Didn’t quit enjoy the calamari the same way I enjoy them at Boabab but that’s only because of my palate. Other than that, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  1. Parrots, Pretoria, South Africa

Last but not least, Parrots Restaurant in Menlyn Mall, Pretoria. Parrots offers upgrades to home cooked meals. If it’s simple but tasty food you want, try Parrots. I ordered the cream spinach with the quarter spicy chicken.

Our waiter kept passing us and forgetting where we were seated, which was hilarious but, other than that, the food was good.

What are your favorite Pretoria restaurants?

Share with us by commenting below and tell us why you love eating there.


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  1. wow ! I love so much fry food with salt

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