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Love for Glitter Block Heels

The glitter block heels sandals: As a young girl, my mom took us shopping for our first pair of heels. We came straight from school to her work place and she took us to the Miladys – Foschini basement where all the shoes were stacked. My first pair of high shoes was a pair of navy blue, denim wedges. I picked them out myself, and I thought I was so bomb until I had to clean them after wearing them only twice. Cleaning denim wedges was literal work. So, I decided to NEVER buy fabric shoes ever again. Years later, here I am wearing glitter block heels, but it’s all good because they easy to clean.

So, as you guys might have noticed, I’ve been posting a lot more on since the beginning of this year and it’s something that I have decided to do because I feel like my blog should reflect my wants, needs, inspirations and aspirations etc. And I’m inspired by a lot on a daily as I travel with my camera, so creating content that’s interesting and not just post periodic, is important to me. These glitter block heels with a gold platted soul are a gem to me. 

Glitter block heels

I wear these glitter block heels whenever I know that I will probably be standing up for long periods during the day or whenever I foresee that a night out will constitute tons of dancing, so comfortability is key. Glitter block heels are special because they sparkle. Block heels that do not sparkle inspire a day time look. I know that you can also wear these shoes during the day to work, but I like the fun sparky heels for night time. The same way there is day makeup and night makeup.

I’m so obsessed with wearing sparkly, glitter block heels. I feel like they are a breath of fresh air when it comes to the traditional pencil heels. I am fond of wearing pencil heels with pencil skirts and other functional or work wear. The pointy heels are classy and practical, to be worn on special occasions that involve a lot of sitting down or driving, as the pencil heel doesn’t really allow for walking long distance on pavements or dancing the night away. I wear glitter block heels because they are comfortable and one can wear them for longer.

Tips on wearing Heels

Wearing any type of heel, if you are not used to it, can be extremely painful. I discovered that Having a slightly raised platform toe box will help make the shoes more comfortable because it helps with the height differential — your heels might still be six-inches tall, but if your foot is raised two inches off the ground, it will be slightly less painful.

These heels are currently out of stock but you can purchase similar ones  HERE and here and here.



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