Love, death and robots describing each episode adjectives
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Love, death and Robots: Describing each episode

18 Adjectives describing each episode on Netflix Love, Death and Robots.

1.SONNIES EDGE : Aggressive


Reminiscent of Avengers Ultron, with a touch of winnie the poo.

3. THE WITNESS: Perplexing and Mysterious.

There are so many questions unanswered.

4. SUITS: Obedient.

It follows all the rules of an apocalyptic end of time movie. Think of Transformers, think of Pacific rim, now add the animation and mix in some farmers right there.

5. SUCKER OF SOULS: Witty and Funny.

You would expect the villain to not be afraid but if the villain is afraid you would expect the fear to come from a larger object that it. Sucker of souls features the older and younger generation and also the weak and the strong.


The humor in this short story is ridiculous. The story itself bares resemblance to modern society and our love of social media and the idea of group think and basic human mob behavior


The story-line is similar to passengers, with a twist. While some of us love being on earth, there will always be a select few who believe that human beings can live on another planet. And as most Space movies go, trouble is always on the horizon

8. GOOD HUNTING: Bewitching.

There are tons of shows on the blending of different animal DNA with people. Good hunting is another classic of what happens when we mess around with human chromosomes. While the series is not based on science, watching good hunting will have you questioning the writers mindset when he or she wrote the script. Was he or she HIGH?

9. THE DUMP: Wretched

10. SHAPE SHIFTERS : Relatable

As the name suggests. Shape shifters is story about things transforming into other things. But shape shifters is relatable because it educates that we belong and are attracted to those of whom we share similar DNA, culture, way of life, history etc. And that loyalty isn’t something of the past. The graphics are impeccable, the cinematography amazing, the story line touching, the visuals beautiful

11. FISH FIGHT : heart breaking.

This is one of the most heart breaking episodes on Love, Death and Robots. This episodes explored the horrors of exploration, the consequences of wanting to find out and the damages of letting go without caution.

12. LUCKY 13 : educational.

The number 13 has its own demonic meaning in modern society and although some people believe in dark magic and voodoo others just believe in luck. To a large extent 13 can be a good number or it can be a bad one, dependent on what your belief systems are and what religion you practice. Lucky 13 on love, Death and Robots was eye opening.

13. ZIMA BLUE: brilliant.

The art of self preservation and self education is at the source of this episode on Love, Death and Robots. The partying thoughts after zima blue ended was wow. If only we believed in ourselves, our own capabilities, our own strength. How much further we could go.

14. BLIND SPOT: Reminicent.

A mashup between Priest, Mission impossible, I Robot, Mad max Fury Road, Alita battle angel and District 9. This love, Death and Robots episode is as exhilarating as it is suspenseful. The action is unexpected and the ending is more unexpected. Kudos to the producers and writers of this joint.

15. ICE AGE: far fetched / unbelievable.

Oh wow… love, Death and Robots is 99 percent animation so it’s interesting to note that ice age is mostly real human actors, the interaction between animation and actors is interesting but the plot is so far fetched its wildly brave.


Because history has already been written, ice age could not be funny. And because this episode of Love, Death and Robots was dependent on what we already know. Ice age felt a little emotionless and added just to fill up the Love, Death and Robots series. But, if you into hunger and find time travel interesting, this one could be for you.

17. THE SECRET WAR : agreeable.

If one is a biblical scholar , the secret war is reminiscent if the wars fought in the bible between good and evil. Although all the shows on love, Death and Robots are super funny, vaguely familiar and out of this world crazy the secret war is relatable if one has Intel on the invisible war in the bible or if one is spiritual. This love, Death and Robots episode is the anchor episode, and it being the last one, is well fitting. It’s a holistic finish

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