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A day in Loughborough was much needed. We had the opportunity of basking in the sun while eating Chocolate chip Frappes from MacDonald’s and took pictures with fans.

The basking was a bit short lived as it later became much colder. This DOROTHY PERKINS blazer perfect for warm, cooler weathers came in very handy the entire day.Its dual purposefulness worked like a dream. Style was kept but so was the warmth, allowing skin to get fresh air and to breath.

We were joined by a couple of fans almost halfway through the shoot for this particular blog post. They came up to me and asked what we were doing and we explained. They  then asked to be included in the picture and I agreed. The cutest youngest one was telling his brothers how pretty I am. 🙂 Some agreed and the others mumbled something I couldn’t hear and kept staring. Anyway, look for their picture at the end of the article.

Now back to fashion ///

Styling a checkered black and white blazer isnt the easiest and we know a couple of people that struggle with it too so we’ve put together a few ideas.

1. Checkered goes well with solid strong colours. Try cordinating with prints but, we wouldn’t recommend it. Choose one item to be check and the rest solid.

2.When adding colour choose the most dominant one. This blazer has about 4 different ‘colours’, black, white, grey and light/dark grey. Black seemed like the dominate colour so I added more black in terms of the shoes and pants plus bag.

3. If you want to wear two colours like i did, wear the darker colour at the bottom, makes the legs look longer/slender.A more interesting look is to do a black top with a white skirt or pants but it isn’t for every figure type. If you’re a little heavier on the bottom, you probably don’t want to wear a white skirt or pants as the white makes you look even bigger, but if you want to show off your big juicy behind: ROCK IT!

4. Black and white can be a bit simple if you dont switch it up a little- add some pizzazz! Statement pieces in gold, silver and even red are very complimentary. I chose my red and black shoes as the statement piece for this outfit.

…The End…

We are currently in the UK and this was a short visit to Loughborough,


Shoes: Louboutins

Vest/Pants:  Legit, Top Shop,

black and white boys and a girl

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