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Keto Diet Chronicles

Is there anyone that you know that goes back home in December for the holidays, that doesn’t come back a little different? Well, if you know someone like that, you are lucky. The rest of the population, we change, for the better or for the worst when we come back from the December holidays.

Four Possible reasons for Holiday Weight Gain.

Social pressure: The holidays are a socially sanctioned time to relax, stop caring about health, and eat what you want. But people still feel a little guilty about this, so they’ll pressure you to join in so they can feel better about their own indulgences. This study also shows how people eating with a group tend to match their intake to the group “average,” so even if nobody’s pressuring you about it, there’s a constant psychological cue to overeat at every meal.

Stress: Holiday commitments mean stress, stress means comfort eating, and nobody comfort-eats celery sticks. Cortisol (the stress hormone) also promotes weight gain, especially the dreaded “belly fat.”

Broken routines: Traveling means you spend a lot of time sitting, you get thrown off your regular exercise routine, and you aren’t always in control of your food.

Emotional associations. Maybe it’s no struggle for you to pass up any random candy on the street, but if Grandma made it just for you, it gets a lot harder, especially if you have fond memories of eating it in years past. Read More HERE

I remember when I fell off the deep end. It was end November, beginning December 2017. I hadn’t taken a holiday vacation in over two years which meant that I really missed my people. When I finally saw them, I was happy!! Too happy to care what I put in my body, too happy to notice the bad foods going in my mouth because everybody ate and I wanted to stay happy and didn’t want to disappoint people when they offered me food. The first week was hard and id feel guilty for eating so much but it got easier and after a couple of weeks and I gradually gained close to 8 kilograms in pure FAT lol yep. Judge me now.

When I got back from seeing my parents, sister, brother and niece and extended family I flew straight to Cape Town where things didn’t get easier. I was having the time of my life. But when I got back from Cape Town that’s when I started to regret my poor decisions. So, I decided to just change my lifestyle and cut sugar out of my diet for good.

Honey, it was HARD. First week I felt like I had been in a fight, muscles sore, etc. 2nd week, it got worse, started getting depressed etc. Then I decided to start going to the gym at least 3 times a week to assist the no sugar process I was putting my body through. After a month, I decided never again to at carbos and sugar because it wasn’t getting easier and the regret was real.

It’s been 3 months now and I only started seeing results 2 months ago, I’ve successfully, with hard work and discipline, managed to lose 6 kilograms of fat and counting. I had to cut out a lot for me to get here and the funny thing is it’s still not that visible to people because I’m generally a thick woman.

So let me tell you what I typically eat in a day

I’m on what people call a ketogenic Diet/ lifestyle/ keto diet, whereby instead of my body running on glucose for fuel, it runs on fat. The fats I eat are avocados, eggs, boiled or fried, cheese olives and olive oil, leafy vegetables and a variety of protein in small amounts basically not more than 200 grams per meal.

My typical Breakfast Looks like: 2 Eggs, Slices of Cheese, Butter and avocados with Lots of Water.

Typical Lunch: Cheese slices, 2 chicken pieces and a salad / cucumber.

Typical dinner, Ground Been, Asparagus, Avocado, Water

Dessert: Rooibos Tea with Sweeteners and full fat Milk

Eggs and butter are my primary source of fat and avocados are a substitute when they in season. Now I eat avocados all day.

Let me tell you how the Keto Diet/ lifestyle has changed my life.

  1. I’m not tired after a work out
  2. I’m fuller for longer on fats and protein (I love the Keto Diet)
  3. Managed to lose 6 kilograms in approximately 2 months
  4. Don’t need to starve myself to achieve my weight goals
  5. More energy on the Keto Diet
  6. Muscles are less stressed
  7. Don’t need alcohol to fall asleep, now I sleep fine after a long day.
  8. Who doesn’t like eating fat.
  9. With the Keto Diet I eat less because I get enough protein to keep me going throughout the day.
  10. Im slowly starting to see my 6 pack again… 6 pack, welcome back. Ive missed you ?

When you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to get it and you will be patient about it. Find out about the KETO DIET here.



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