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Loreal Telescopic Mascara Review

Wearing Falsies, aka fake lases is something that i honestly never got around in doing or practicing. As a black woman, my eye lashes are curly and as a black woman with very tight curls on the head, the curl on my lashes is exactly the same; very curly. So, when i first saw a black girlfriend of mine wearing fake lashes, i wasn’t impressed and that is why this Loreal Telescopic Mascara is so important. It magnifies at the base of the lashes, lengthens to the extreme and has a precision multi-comb

Not all mascara is created equal. Different mascaras are designed for different purposes and for different needs and different types of eye lash curl patterns.

I was not impressed with the girl i saw at church wearing fake lashes because they looked weird and alien. The lady has very curly lashes but the fake lashes that she put on were very straight. They didn’t blend together at all and from that day on, i was terrified of wearing false lashes because i did not want to look extra terrestrial.

What to look for when purchasing false lashes

When purchasing fake lashes, the most important thing is to look for lashes that look similar to your own set of lashes. It does not help to have False lashes that look like you borrowed them. Or worse, look like you stole them from a different race. And that is why after i had gotten over my fear of fake lashes i went on ahead and purchased false lashes that looked curly but dramatics. When i did that and wore my fake lashes, they blended in with my original lashes and i looked awesome.

What does not work for me is false lashes that are too straight and thin. My hair is curly, my eye lashes are curly, all the hair on my body is curly so even my false lashes should be curly. It should be common sense but some of us only learnt by trial and error. But we here now.

Mascara no falsies

When you do not want to wear false lashes but you want to elongate your lashes, using a mascara is the way to go. You must know what you need the mascara to do before purchasing it.

I want to elongate my lashes and have a more false lashes look. So i look for mascara that is written, elongating, extending etc. I do not want mascara to curl my lashes because my lashes are already curly. I want to extend them. Now for a person that has long hair or a person that is Caucasian they already have long lashes so if they want to curt their lashes they should look for mascara that’s written curl defining mascara etc.

Black women are advised to use Hair dyes created for black women for a reason. White women are not advised to do their hair with hair dyes that are created for black women. And its the same with mascara. You have to know your curl or lashes or hair type to be able to choose the best mascara for you.

The best mascara to stretch curly lashes

When i passed by Truworths to purchase foundation and compact powder, the lady at the counter suggested i also purchase the Telescopic Mascara from Loreal. To extend my lashes, create volume and give my eye lashes a little tint. and i have not regretted my decision. Te Telescopic Mascara from Loreal is a good one for stretching curly lashes to make them look like you wearing false lashes.

When you look at the picture below, you will see that my right eye has mascara and my left eye does not. The eye with the mascara is on your left. The difference is immense. the eye with the mascara looks like the lashes are longer, the lashes are darker and the lashes are more defined. And, that is the work of the Telescopic mascara. It is really good and does a great job.

The take away on this post is to let you know that if you do not feel like wearing falsies, wearing a good mascara can do the trick. There are tons of mascaras out there but for me, at this moment, the Loreal Telescopic Mascara is the best.

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