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I was exclusively invited to the LOreal Paris Elvive Launch in Sandton on the 4th of July.  Before I talk about this Natural hair product, let me first try paint for you the scenery of the whole press launch. LOreal Paris Elvive launch was bright for a winter morning, but very necessary. The ambiance outside was light and colourful and the inside was just as colourful with more soothing warm tones. The colours LOreal Paris Elvive decided to use at their press launch were hues of pinks, purples and oranges.

The relationship I have with L’Oréal Paris is not one with hair. As you guys might know, I use a variety of good hair products great for natural hair and by natural I don’t just mean black hair as Caucasian, Indian and Colored hair is also natural. The relationship I have with Loreal Paris is almost only about makeup. We talk about makeup all the time, every time we meet and by meet I mean every time I go in to a makeup shop, lol I ‘talk’ to the L’Oréal Paris make up consultant, but that’s only if I’m not sure about a certain hue or shade.

So LOreal Paris and I’s relationship is growing,LOreal has launched a new natural hair product for afro, curly, natural hair, specifically. LOreal Paris is one of the biggest hair company in the world so whatever hair type you are, you can bet on it that LOreal Paris has got hair solutions for you.

Natural hair products were hard to find a couple of years ago. Now, however, you can walk into almost any supermarket and get a good natural hair product perfect for your very unique natural hair. There are a lot of good ingredients in the LOreal Paris Elvive which I will share with you guys soon. It’s easy for any blogger to say, oh this product is good or this product is great and give plenty of praises but I actually want to try this product for myself least i sell you lies.

But… in the meantime, what I can definitely say is that LOreal Paris put together a great LOreal Paris Elvive launch and I’m pretty sure that when I try their new product, it will blow my mind.

At the launch I met up with an old friend of mine, the incredible Olwethu Leshabane, First Princess of Mrs. South Africa and she was a lot of fun to hang out with and catch up.  I got to learn a lot about her own natural hair journey and the struggles that she faces daily with her hair that made me realize that we all have hair problems but our hair is unique and if one product can take away all our hair issues then that one product is worth giving a try.

Enjoy the images by the LOreal Paris flower wall, and thanks again LOreal Paris for the flower crowns, great lunch and all in all, an awesome couple of hours.



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  1. Ntlahla says:

    Can u guys please advise me on one of ur products which one to use, i have a Bob hairstyle and would love to use a product that will keep my hair beautiful and bouncy at all time and i think your product are great just that i never used them i am thinking of trying them out.

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