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These Peach jacket and distressed jeans images where taken in Pretoria by Siyabonga Mfuphi, either a day before or  a couple of days before i left for the UK. I can tell you a few things that come to mind when looking at them.

1. Although Winter was fast approaching the sun still managed to shine (Missing Pretoria Weather). I can assure you I wasn’t cold while wearing this outfit,it was HOT. Siyabonga and I had been running around, up and down looking for a spot to shoot these pictures.

I was in a hurry to get my Rands changed to Pounds and a couple of last minute preparations. Siyabonga is a busy man so on this particular day I had to fit into his schedule, I had to get my butt to UNISA #TheDrama


Layering, for me personally, is not an easy thing as I hate covering up. I like showing stuff off like arms, shoulders, legs (Not too much thou)but  basically accentuate what God and subsequently my mama gave me. lol to #Mama.

So while I’m not trying to get pneumonia I still wanna look good and,  show my best side no matter the weather and here is how i do it.

Suggestions how to wear peach jacket and distressed jeans

1. Wear trench coats that look like dresses, have belts or are a little tight on the mid section. In this way you still get to show off your figure.

2. If you want to accentuate the legs – wear  short jackets/ coats that end below the bum. You can wear them with a short skirt with leggings or sheer pantyhose/tights or skinny jeans. The short trench makes the legs look longer but it has to be a trench, has to cover your bum. If it doesn’t cover your bum it doesn’t look like a short dress, defeating the purpose.

Accentuate the outfit

3. If you want to accentuate your arms – wear trench coats/jackets that have open sleeves. Your are still warm, covered and you wont catch a cold.

4. If you wanna accentuate the outfit but its cold and you HAVE to wear a jacket or coat. Take any coat you like and just throw it over your shoulders – without putting your arms in it. I mean. who wants to wear a beautiful outfit that will only be seen by a few people at the office? The Horror! What about all the other people at the garage, in a taxi, on a bus, train that would appreciate what you are wearing? Everyone should be given the same opportunity to see your outfit #Winks.


In these images I’m doing point number 1. I wore a coat that accentuates my mid section but still keeping warm.

The hat is currently a must for winter, UK weather and South Africa weather is at this point in time, in my opinion, simply the same

I picked the peach coat because I love colour (I’m that girl) and wore the distressed jeans just for the funkiness.

N.B. Look cute, regardless.

Until Next Time.


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