long white dress summer africa


This long white free flowing summer dress was is inspired by The Gods of ‘ancient Greece. Ancient Greek clothing was mainly based on necessity, function, materials, and protection rather than identity. Thus, clothes were quite simple, draped, loose-fitting and free flowing. Summer is HOT, so, me wearing a long free flowing white summer dress is iconic and PERFECT for a picnic.  If you feeling inspired, a long white free flowing summer dress is the perfect modern take on ancient Greece.

Wearing a long white free flowing summer dress to a picnic can be romantic but it is also a safe choice. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a short tight dress to a picnic because it can get a bit uncomfortable, even if the idea is to impress. You can also try wearing boyfriend jeans, stretch jeans, lazy track pants, a short flair skirt or simply a beautiful long white free flowing dress. Whatever you decided, the picnic will be more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about ‘things’ popping out or worry about flashing anyone, unnecessarily.


I wore this dress to a picnic with bae the other day. It was quiet and very tranquil. He said that I looked like the Goddess I always think I am. I kept the accessories very Greek-esq. White goes very well with gold, gold like or golden accessories. To finish off my look, I added the Head piece from LOVISA. It was actually a neck piece but I made it into a headpiece, which looked very nice with my braids.

Going to an all-white party and want to feel comfortable but also look like a million bucks?

Wear an all-white flair dress which doesn’t limit your movement, shows off your figure, looks whimsical and puts you in a carefree mood.

So, what shoes should I wear with an all-white long free flowing summer dress? Well, if I was wearing a shorter dress, I would have wanted to accentuate my legs with heels. But, since the dress I’m wearing is longer, and the event is ‘the park’, wedges, flat sandals etc. always do the trick.




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