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Long Sleeve Bodysuits and my PHAT ASS!

Bodysuits have been around since i can remember. There are so many cons on wearing bodysuits but there is this one disadvantage that all girls who wear bodysuits are consciously aware of and it is called, ‘ using the loo when wearing a bodysuit’. I think using the loo when you wearing a bodysuit is a huge turn off for most women, especially in winter when you have to take off ALL your clothes just to pee. The Long sleeve bodysuit is perfect for winter thou, but it is still a bodysuit, none the less.

Bodysuits and the phat ass

Wen one has bigger ass and smaller waist ratio than the average woman, wearing a bodysuit that fits the upper body as well as the buttocks can be daunting. A body suit, to look nice, has to be a proper fit, EVERYWHERE. The issue with wearing a bodysuit that fits the top part is that it will probably be tight around the behind, causing it to create a wedge. Wedges can be painful, but this is what we do, us ladies, to look our best.

So, now we are forced to wearing full-bum coverage bodysuits that turn into g-strings. lol. But a g-string turned bodysuit is not that bad. It makes the pantylines disappear.

Long Sleeve Bodysuits with or without the bottom buttons

There are two types of bodysuits. The ones that look like swimwear and you wear them from the bottom and the ones with bottoms that look like tops of-which you wear these from the top and button down. Bodysuits that have no buttons down there and look like swimwear, are the hardest to wear. Because taking them off is a mission. You LITERALLY get naked to pee and as i said earlier, if its a cold winter, it really gets rough. The other issue with button less bodysuits is going to pee in public bathrooms. It’s the worst.

But i have discovered that regardless of whether i’m wearing the bodysuit that has buttons or the button-less bodysuit, i take off all my clothes when going to the loo. I find it hard to ‘RE- BUTTON’ Bodysuits once unbuttoned because of the work it takes to ‘pull both pieces together’ and make the bodysuit fit my PHAT ASS again. so i just get naked and do what has to be done.

When and where to wear long sleeve bodysuits

  1. I personally wear long sleeve bodysuits anytime in winter.
  2. I also enjoy wearing bodysuits if i’m wearing low rise pants. I say this because low rise pants have a way of getting ‘lower’ during the day and wearing a shirt or top that has been tucked in makes things difficult because it usually becomes un-tucked. So wearing a bodysuit just keeps everything in place and no one gets to see the crack between your bum if or when the pants have decided to remove themselves from your PHAT ASS.
  3. In a nutshell’ if you have a big butt, wearing a bodysuit will protect your bum from exposure. Long Sleeve Bodysuits save lives and reputations.
  4. Its also very advisable to wear a long sleeve bodysuit when you don’t want to wear jackets or coats and be covered up the whole day.
  5. Lace bodysuits with buttons are the perfect lingerie to wear under a very tight dress. It keeps everything tight and shapely. Might i also add that if you want to wear shape-wear, look for the bodysuit type. The bodysuit shape-wear minimizes lines created by shape-wear that is in the design of short pants. Thank me later.
  6. I wear bodysuits with shorts, it minimizes the skin that people see. If i want to be sultry but not too much, ill show leg and leave the cleavage
  7. I love wearing bodysuits with pencil skirts to work and church. If you love tight tops and love accentuating your body, bodysuits are the future.
  8. I like wearing nude, black and pink bodysuits for three very different occasions. Pink is for when i’m feeling whimsical, nude is worn when i’m feeling corporate or presidential and black is worn when i feel like looking classic.

There are OBVIOUSLY other colours in-between my bodysuit spectrum. but the these three colours are my fave.

The familiar story of the lady climbing off a taxi without a bodysuit

Before i had a car, i walked. And, after i had walked for very long time, i started taking taxis. Taxis are the cheapest and more convenient if they go through your exact route.

Now, when a person has to get off a taxi, one has to ask the driver to stop. ‘short left’ , and once the taxi has stopped, the passenger shuffles his or her way towards the left side of the taxi to get to the door. I’m sure those of you that have once sat at the backseat of a taxi have seen your fair share of butt cracks, g-strings, panties, onder brook and simple Buttocks.

if you are a pro at riding taxis, you are probably aware of the taxi dress code. Which is wear long shirts or long t-shirts before climbing a taxi, if you don’t want people to see your bum when you get off.

If you are an amateur in riding taxis and this is your first time, you risk sharing your butt crack with all of us, which we really do not want to see.

Bodysuits have saved tons of women from the embarrassment of getting off a taxis with your ass in the air. When this one lady got off the taxi, we saw her pink g-string, the beads around her waist and her dry butt skin.

Where to shop for the perfect long sleeve bodysuits for your individual needs

For Mr Price Bodysuits SHOP HERE. For Cotton On Bodysuits browse HERE. Summer bodysuits shop HERE but my faves are this Drop Arm ONE and THIS BRIGHT RED ONE which would looks awesome with blue jeans and for Summer lingerie Bodysuits Shop at Bras and Things and at Lasenza HERE.

Bodysuit Photo shoot credits

These images where taken sometime in winter. Taken by the one and only Bongiwe Mzondeki. How i love this woman!!! I just really wanted to take pictures and see how my body looks in a bodysuit and i didn’t want to take the pictures indoors. That would have been boring!! So i put on a bathrobe and Bongi took the lens and just like that the nude bodysuit pictures were born.

I didn’t know where to put them and under which story but today i found the inspiration. we all need friends who don’t judge our stretch marks or make fun of our cellulite. and hold out tits when they start sagging. lol



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