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The sands sandton

Dont ever let/allow anybody to tell or dictate to you what you can or cannot do based on their misguided world views.

Mumsy is a friend of mine; we’ve been friends for a while now. She studies a similar course to mine and she loves what I love, which is going out, dinner, lunches get together with friends and sometimes indoor activities like home movies and just casual conversations about something or nothing in particular. I LOVE HER.

When girls get to a certain age they tend to think that going out is not for them, whether married or single, the perception is that that kind of life is for others.

Well, I disagree!

I’m sick and tired of constantly hearing, ‘we cant go out tonight, I am married, I  have to look after my husband’!!  First of all, your husband is not a baby that he needs you to look after him, he is a grown man. Second of all, going out is not just for teenagers, grown folk go out TOO, its the venues that change. Once it was clubs, now its jazz cafes. Once it was Summer Bashes now its hikes, mountain climbing and private dinners. Doesn’t that sound like living??? #Yep

Who lied to you and said you cannot have the same kind of fun as you did when you were in tertiary.  Who lied to you and said you cannot go out with your single friends/ WAIT, are you scared that they gonna lead you into temptation and you might end up ‘falling’ by hanging out with them? Your single friends should respect that you have a spouse and be willing to hang out with both you and him because you guys are now a unit, and you should have enough will power to tell them what you like and what you don’t like when they are going the wrong way.

I rebuke the life of Nine to Five the whole week and sleep on weekends. When do you find time to socialize, network, meet new people, discuss new business ideas, feed off each other, when?

Some married women are miserable because of trying to keep up with societies standards. Dont allow society to dictate to you about what you can or cannot do now that you have a husband. Married couples should sit down and discuss expectations of the marriage and agree/ disagree before they get married what their marriage will look like and how it will function.


1 If you are not married you can club as many times as you like lol the sands sandton being a good place to start. When you get married you can discuss with your husband how often to frequent or, to change the club scene all together. We are social beings and sometimes when I go out its to be surrounded by people. To some its medicine, helps one feel good. Imagine Saturday Nights alone in the house. #Nope

  1. The only reason why id excuse your behind for not going out on SATURDAY NIGHT is when you have a baby to take care of. But even then…  married couples have date night and leave their kids at grannies so that they can spend alone time together doing grown up things.
  2. If you don’t want to wear  short skirts or dresses, its ok.. but giving me an excuse that you cant wear a short skirt because someone said you cant, too old, or that your legs are not hot enough is nonsense. Don’t let people dictate how you live your life as long as you live it clean and confidently.
  3. Marry a man who loves it when you look scorching and allows you to go out because he trusts you.
  4. Appreciate a man who goes with you to a club and doesn’t judge you; that’s  if you are a club or party person
  5. Don’t allow people to change you, compromise yes, but why marry a person who doesn’t like you but wants you to change?
  6. If your man met you wearing specific clothes and living a particular kind of lifestyle, chances are he wants you to remain and stay that way. Keep looking hot, beautiful and sassy and do what you love.

Keep friends that Love you and that love the same things that you love. You will live a happier and more premium life.

While I’m not married and might not fully understand what happens between married couples, I’m sure that I don’t want to be miserable looking out and wishing I was single again.

Dear Future Hubby: Lets Talk


Not sure what was happening here at the SANDS SANDTON but it looks like we had to leave but my gorgeous didn’t want to to lol Wanted to continue taking pictures.

We were at the Sands Sandton and we had a blast.

Shoes: Call It Spring

Dress: Not sure where i got it.

Rings: LOVISA Jewelry 

Ear Rings: American Swiss

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