Trench Coats for the win, shoot from hell, covered in flu and styling winter fashion

Resilience and stubbornness surely belong to the same WhatsApp group. And if you’ve ever wondered if i am resilient or stubborn, continue reading. This article covers what happened during this shoot, winter trench coats in South Africa and why i look like i am about to sneeze in some of these images.

Its been cold. Especially these past couple of days. Which has made it easier to dress up warmly but, also look cute in the process. I love wearing summer jackets/ blazers, suits, pant suits etc. But, these winter items are best worn in winter and as most of you guys know, its winter for only three months in the Southern Parts of Africa.

What Happens in Summer, Stays in Summer

Crazy things happen to me when i wear fitted, well-lined suits in any other season other than winter in S.A. Its like Murphy’s Law : Anything that can happen will happen. Hyperventilate? Yep. Over sweating? You got it!! Makeup melting? You right on the money. And, it doesn’t help that Summer comes with an increase in my cars petrol because i’m constantly using the air-con. And that problem wont go away until i buy a new car. Winter clothes are best worn ONLY in South African Winter. Even if i see some really nice looks online and on Instagram, some fashions are just not for me,

Trench Coats for the Win.

I have worn a couple of nice Coats over the years but, when you look at my entire fashion closet, you will notice that most of my outfits do not include jackets. In retrospect, there are some light weight jackets designed for Summer and you can view some on THIS WEBSITE and on HERE.

The Shoot from Hell

These images were taken by Kagiso Motlhamme and shame, poor soul had to work with the little of what he had. Thankfully, what he had, was a very determined fashion model that was adamant on fulfilling her promise of being available on a specific day, for a winter fashion shoot.

But how did i get the flu?

I had not been feeling well the morning of the shoot. The evening before, i had gone for a long walk but i underestimated the cold. I was, however properly and warmly dressed but, i wasn’t warm enough. The following morning, the morning of the shoot, it was chaos. I was sneezing, couldn’t keep the tears from falling, nose blocked and literally struggling to keep my mouth closed because breathing through the nose was painful.

I think he wanted to postpone but i was not having it. It takes forever to plan a successful shoot, get everyone’s schedules cleared, the right clothes worn, makeup done etc. And, i could not afford to take these pictures on another day. So, we did what we do best#MakeItWork.

Lilac Trench Coat and Black Floral blouse

Kagiso was so patient with me! He tried not to laugh at me in between takes when my mouth was wide open, struggling to get some air. And he tried not to chuckle when i needed to take short breaks to wipe the non-emotional but free falling tears from my ONE eye! Lol it was hilarious.

We finished taking these pictures and i can honestly say that, if the dictionary contained peoples pictures next to a word, my picture would be next to stubborn and resilient. That being said, I do not think i will EVER take pictures when not fully healed from a cold. Lesson learnt!And Thanks again Kagiso, for being an amazing human being.

Todays Fashion Outfit

I’m wearing River island Blouse, you can purchase the exact same one HERE and find similar ones HERE and Here. The Shoes are from Next but get similar ones in South Africa here. The Trench Coat is also from Next. Peep similar ones here and find other ones in this Store. The skirt… hhmmmm… the skirt. Its a pink skirt. Not going to say too much about the pink skirt because its actually a pink dress. THIS dress! i cut the top part and turned it into a skirt. The pink skirt fit the purpose of the outfit perfectly.

That is it for today. Homework… try to find the image taken right before a SNEEZE. lol


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