Light pink yde dress bodycon birthday 2023

Light Pink YDE dress for my Birthday 2023

Birthday 2023 the Light Pink YDE dress

My birthday is a weird one because it is on the 1st of January. I have to constantly remind my friends of my birthday, but the real ones always keep me in their budget for the 1st. When I am with my family on the first of January, my birthday feels easy. I feel blessed. I take in all that we have. Health, sanity, and life. When I start counting my blessings I arrive at a place where I feel gratitude for all the years I have been living on earth. I look around me and there are my sisters and my brother David, my loving mother, my nucleus family. To celebrate the joy of Birth and the blessing of life, I decided to wear this soft, pastel, light pink YDE dress for my birthday that inspires feelings of kindness and compassion. Pink is a nurturing, playful, and nostalgic colour that takes me back to my childhood. That said, pink is a colour of opposites since it can make us think of both innocence and burning passion.

The Soft Light Pink YDE dress

I initially wanted a short flair dress to wear on my birthday but ended up with this masterpiece of a costume. I like wearing short dresses because I love showing off my legs. My strong legs. I love seeing the muscles on my frame and it makes me happy that I’m able to look the way I want to look. There were a couple of dresses I tried out at YDE and the lady waiting to assist us at the fitting room ended us saying that it looks like I’m playing dress up, in a playful way of course. I took it as a joke. In retrospect, I was playing dress-up. The only difference is, finding a New Year’s Eve outfit wasn’t a game. This was a matter of life and fashion.

The reason why I chose the Light Pink YDE dress

First, my curves! Have you seen them? The girl has been blessed. And what an amazing way to accentuate the curves other than in a bodycon, mid-rise, boob shaping, skin tone flattering, barbie doll looking summer dress from the Gods? I just had to have it. While most bodycon dresses are designed for wearing to cocktail parties and proms, this particular dress and outfit is casual enough and laid back to be both worn for cocktail parties, pull it up a little, add some Jordan Ones and you could wear this to groove. I love the versatility of the dress.

I’m so in love with the fabric. The fabric really held up my hooters. I didn’t need to wear a bra with the dress. I mean, I strongly believe in freeing the nipple. So, why not?

How to wear Bodycon dresses the right way

Bodycon dresses can be flattering for any figure, but it’s important to know how to wear them the right way to really show off the assets that the Lord our God has given unto you. Romans 200v1. You’ll want to choose the right fabric, the right fabric for your skin tone(check), the correct colour(check), and fit for your body type, and accessorize accordingly.

Bodycon dresses are also known as bandage dresses. These dresses have become a popular wardrobe choice in recent years for women of every shape and size but especially for curvy and thick women.  The best bodycon dresses are figure-hugging and curve-flattering and come in a variety of styles and colours. Bodycon dresses can be worn for any occasion, so what are the main differences between a classic bodycon or bandage dress? But how does one choose the best bodycon styles for your body shape? Here is what I did.

  1. It must go past your buttocks without getting stuck there.
  2. The fabric has to be able to stretch enough without breaking.
  3. Bodycon dresses cannot be or feel loose on your skin.
  4. They have to be able to smooth out any ‘bumps’ you might have, to give a more seamless appearance. Sort of like a waist trainer but without the pain.
  5. Bodycon dresses should be able to be used as hybrid shapewear
  6. The fabric must be able to stretch enough without thinning.
  7. Bodycon dresses are designed to be very sexy, so make sure your jewellery and shoes are appropriate.
  8. Caution: Try not to forget to wear the right undergarments. Bodycon dresses can be quite revealing, so make sure you’re wearing a good bra and seamless panties that won’t show through the fit.

When my life ends

Birthdays are only as fun and as unique as you make them. As we get older, it’s easy to fall into the trap of dreading a birthday. But because it’s so easy to fall into that trap of dread, each year should be treated as 10 years. So, when you look back at the year, you can see all your achievements and feel proud of the journey that you chartered.  The worst birthdays are ones where productivity is seized, whether the productivity is of the mind, spiritual or money. You do not want to look back and feel regret or that a year was wasted. Do EVERYTHING you plan, for the good of all and no harm to man. Life is for the living. One day your life will end, we are not vampires. But when life comes to a close, look back at the happy moments you shared and all the love you created with the happiness of a life well lived.

This birthday was amazing, I was surrounded by people I love and because I was amongst loved ones, my birthday was magical, a success and a day to remember. I hope 2023 brings you joy, prosperity and love. Cheers to a brand-new year.

And, when my time comes to an end and the curtain of my life comes to a close, don’t cry for me. I lived a life I made.

Enjoy my birthday images taken by Harry. Browse YDE Dresses HERE

I love you


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