purple glitter dress

Light pink glitter dress

I had a lot of fun wearing this light pink glitter dress. It was easy to put on as well. I love the ruching on the side, that always adds to the shaping of the dress and I also love that although I was able to slip the dress on without using a zip, the zip is there if you need it. This light pink glitter dress is perfect for summer parties during the day and it is also perfect for evening shindigs and Instagram photos because the dress sparkles, day or night. I took a video of the dress on Snapchat / IG Stories so you guys can sort of like get the idea of how the dress sparkles. On the femmeLuxe website, this dress is categories as a pink glitter dress but when I look at it, it sort of has a pastel purple look and feel. So, I would also call this dress the purple glitter dress.

Show what your mama gave you

So, I do not live in this neighborhood, but it looked so beautiful so we thought the white background of the house would look amazing with the dress. And I hope that you like how the dress translates in pictures. It is gorgeous. When I received the dress, early January, I received it with three other dresses. This one however, was the smallest of the bunch and it took less space.

The dress is white inside and the quality good.  The dress is a mini and I wish I had ordered more midi dresses because I can only wear the mini dresses at parties and evening events because people would be gawking at me and judging me for wearing such short dresses. But, if you got it, you got it. I am a firm believer in showing off what your mama gave you because nothing lasts forever.  We all are growing and maturing and aging each day, so take that picture, make that pose and enjoy the fleeting moments in a light pink glitter dress.

I do not mind people looking at me. Which woman you know does not enjoy being told she’s beautiful or being complimented and told she is sexy. I love compliments. They feed our souls. But, being told you are sexy by strangers or lusty looking thirsty men, is another thing. It can make you feel uncomfortable. But, we cannot stop living our lives because evil exists in the world. We will do whatever we want and wear whatever we want.

Pink glitter dress Sizing

Ok, so I think I took a dress size too big. This pink glitter dress is size UK 14. I think I should have taken the UK size 12.  It would not have been shorter but I would have enjoyed the tightness of the dress. The purple glitter dress I’m wearing is not as tight as I want it to be. But, that is a concern I would have to consider next time. And, if you have big boobs, consider purchasing a different type of dress from Femmeluxe all together. If you want the support, these types of dresses are not for you.

To wear or not to wear a bra

So, I have this friend of mine on Facebook book, his name is Oanthata. He jokingly noticed that I do not wear Bras. Well, I do not like bras, but I wear them when I must wear them. It is just who I am. So, wearing the purple glitter dress without a bra was not a matter of Choice. It was a matter of functionality. I could have either worn those Bras with the see-through straps or I could have worn those secret bras that sick to your body using ‘glue’ with no straps. Actually, that would have been the better option. Imagine wearing a bra with such an open and ‘revealing’ light pink glitter dress. Alternatively, there is always the Kim Kardashian shape tape that lifts the boobs.

Love FemmeLuxe glitter dresses

I so wish the South African government can make it easier for us to import goods from overseas. It was easier for me to do this collaboration while I was in the UK because FemmeLuxe are a European brand. I hate how parcels can take up to 2 months to reach my home, from the UK. It’s heart breaking to having ordered something from there in November and only receive it in January 2020. P.S you might be asked by SARS to pay extra customs. So, if you will be going to the UK Soon, I would encourage you to buy all your goods over there and bring them along in your Check in Luggage. Also, if you are in South Africa and are willing to wait for your parcel (which will hopefully include the Light pink glitter dress) to reach you only after a month, then go ahead and purchase. There are many ways to get what you want. When one door closes another one opens.

Purchase the dress directly HERE. Shoes are from NEW LOOK, Get a Similar pair HERE

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