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When is a woman most in love with herself? When she embraces her flaws.  “Embrace your flaws as much as your features. You are a full package and no one sees just one part. At the end of the day, if you can’t love what you consider to be your flaws, then you have to make an effort to change them.” Emma Watson

Beauty is relative and to some of us, no matter how beautiful we are, we still don’t see or can’t find the beauty within ourselves.  Some of us can’t seem to see the beauty anymore because we live with people that break us down and not build us up. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people we live with could tell us how gorgeous we look and give us words of encouragement on our future successes? Well.. Some of us are blessed with those types of people. We have sisters and brothers that shower us, constantly, with words of affirmation, a loving boyfriend, friends, parents, aunts and uncles but if we don’t have that, we can do it on our won because we are more powerful than we think.

When is a woman most Beautiful?  When she appreciate herself.  When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful. When is a woman most powerful? When she makes her our own decisions.  When is a woman most worthy? When she determine our own self-worth

At some point in my life I decided to only have positive people in my life because the negativity was too much and I achieved it. Examples of positivity in my life include the energy in these pictures with me wearing a printed pink dress.  On this particular day I spend the day wearing a printed pink dress with one great photographer.  I was so excited because he had bought a new lens and he wanted to try it out on me and my cute red and printed pink dress. And because I’m so in love with pictures I agreed.  The lens that Kagiso Motlhamme was using to capture these priceless moments at Life Grand Restaurant in Pretoria is the Canon 50ml Lens.  This Canon lens has changed the my life and I’m thinking of getting a similar lens for my Nikon Camera cause what I see through the lens is , PERFECTION.

When is a woman most perfect? When she finds the beauty in her imperfections.

While I was with wearing this pink dress, I realized how different a day can be when you are with people that genuinely care about you. There is no anxiety and lots of casual fun.  And it hit me when I LOOKED IN THE MIRROR AND REALIZED WOW, THERE WAS A SUCCESSFUL, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WEARING A PINK DRESS staring back at me but my success wasn’t just because of me. There is a whole team of people that contribute to our successes in life and we have to be thankful  for them.  I talk so emotionally about this because some people do not come into your life to help you build, they come into your life to take, and until you say stop, they will keep on taking. But those that come to build, we should be grateful.

Be careful who you allow into your life, I mean, life is short, it should be enjoyed every day, all day and this lens  sure makes capturing life’s moments even better. So the day ended with a photoshoot at Life Grande Restaurant, which is seriously one my favorite restaurants in Pretoria, wearing this tribal printed pink dress, rather pink printed dress , Pink Shoes from ZARA, this gorgeous bag from Forever New with earrings from Lovisa.

Empowered is what I felt wearing this ensemble, surrounded by the right people



Pictures: Klearview Media For Bookings : +083 347 6720

Shoes: Shop at  ZARA


Accessories: Lovisa


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  1. Jack says:

    Looking absolutely gorgeous! The kind of lady i´d lay flat on my back in a puddle for myself if i didn´t have a coat, just to keep your heels from getting ruined…;)

    1. Lol stttoooppp… you would be getting hurt by my heels.. ???. Thanks for the support thou

  2. WOOOW, hot looking sexy girl. awesome sexy nude

  3. Really, looking so Gorgeous

  4. So big sexy girl

    1. Hahahaha… we Africans ? comes with who we are

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