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How to style blue shoes: I am currently living in Leicester City, for the time being.  Been here for a couple of days now but only started going out maybe 2 days ago. The jet lag was horrible, i couldn’t get out of bed, even thought i had caught something in the sky, lol. But all is well now, I’m back at 100.

Its been an interesting transition from the hot South African Weather to the apparently warm  British spring. They say its warm but it actually ranges between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius. I’m not used to the cold as my winter is only, give or take 2 months. I thought I was running away from winter by coming her in the ‘summer’ but boy was I mistaken. To be fair though, its a lot warmer Now than coming here (UK)  in December. My December experience was not pleasant But that’s a story for another post.

First Sabbath in Leicester City

This was my first Sabbath spending it with my dearest mommy. And what a delight! Side Bar: As an independent woman living away from my parents I had to check myself when my mother started giving me instructions and orders. I had to remember that I’m actually supposed to be getting instructions and orders from her. lol No negotiations there. #sorry.

On that note, I couldn’t go to church with a short dress, #MomsOrders but I new I wanted the opportunity to style blue heels with this gorgeous dress on my first Saturday in a different continent so I made sure I did it correctly.

4 TIPS on how to style blue heels

1. To be stylish, don’t always think how can I match, try to think, how can i Stand Out. Whether you want to stand out a lot or just a little is simply your choice but make sure you are well put together.

2. You can wear what ever colour bag or clutch you like I’m just not about the life of the same colour bag, dress, shoes etc. If you are going to match your blue heels with a blue bag or dress, try to Mix different shades of blue, prints and solid colours,

3. When in Rome do what they do. Its cold so going out without a jacket /coat doesn’t do any good for your immune system. If you don’t want to wear a coat either wear a shirt or polo-neck inside or wear the coat/jacket over your shoulders. I robed mine over the shoulder and found that it looked quiet Posh.

4. If you don’t have neutral colours in your wardrobe but want to style blue heels with the right hue outfit, go for one or 2 solid  bright colours. Wear the blue heels with a red skirt or dress, yellow top or  something dramatic. Over the top or laid back is again, simply your decision.

blue heels Outfit of the day

My shoes (Lulu) and clutch are both from YDE back home. The Dress is from SOLO a division of House of Fraser and it cost £28 roughly R516,00. The jacket is from Debenhams and Images courtesy of Ms Thenji Banda (My gorgeous little Sister)

Shop House of Fraser Dresses HERE.


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