layered floral playsuit

If boobs could talk in a floral playsuit

If boobs could talk in a floral playsuit.

As you get older you realize that some of the things you used to value now hold no value. I used to value how I looked in heels and I could walk in them the whole day at work. For hours. These days I keep a pair of heels in my car and only wear them when I have to. To important business meetings, strategic meetings, and to dates. I will sometimes pull out a pair when going to buy some quick groceries, and ill quickly put on a pair if I am desperate enough to impress some random people driving in their cars.  It is crazy how I see life now. Life is fleeting, life can be really long, but it can also be really short. So I’ve learned to embrace the finiteness of life and wear whatever I want.  I love floral playsuits and there is a specific black floral playsuit that I absolutely loved wearing a couple of years ago. Read that article HERE.

Other things I used to value are bras and the idea that boobs should always look good in dresses, playsuits, shorts, all tops, and tubes. I do not like bras. And I’m not a fan of undergarments. I am a huge supporter of freeing the nipple and an ally to let the cookies breathe. I live in South Africa where it’s hot for the most part of the year. So sweat is a huge part of our daily living. Others would call it to sweat, I call it glistening in the sun.

The epitome of being African is wearing the least amount of clothing to be able to enjoy the best amount of Vitamin D. Playsuits are a nice way to protect body freedom. But let’s talk about what are playsuits.

What are Playsuits

Playsuits are a type of fit is that similar to a jumpsuit, not actually a catsuit, it’s clearly not a dress but it is made from dress fabrics. This floral playsuit from the Fix is a must for summer. I would not wear a playsuit when I’m going on a long journey ANYWHERE. You know that feeling when you stopped at a petrol station and everybody in the car is pressed and needs to relieve themselves? Yes!! Now imagine having to ‘go’ but you are in a dirty bathroom and the zip is at the back. Now you have to be strategic about getting out of the Floral Playsuit because you weren’t strategic enough to not wear it to a Short-left to start off with.

The layered Floral Playsuit

So, Linda took these images of Me a couple of weeks ago. The reason why I waited until 2023 to post them is that I wasn’t able to edit them using Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is an amazing software that allows one to edit a bunch of photos in a short amount of time. It is relatively easy to use, affordable, and very convenient. I also had some issues with my laptop, but everything is sorted now

Layered Playsuits are the best. Although the Playsuit I’m wearing cost me less than R500.00 it looks expensive because it is a layer. Clothes that are layered add a lot of depth to an outfit and visually “complete” it. Looking expensive has a correlation to looking classy, and showing too much skin usually doesn’t look classy.  Balancing an outfit and layering it, is key to not showing too much skin/body. If this playsuit wasn’t layered at the bottom it would have maybe shown too much skin, butt cheeks, and thighs. I feel very comfortable with this Floral layered playsuit, but the fit wasn’t that comfortable on top. And here is why.

The shoot and the boobs.

OK, so this dress is super cute. But wait, it is not a dress. It is a romper. What fascinates me about the romper is its discreetness. At first glance, all you see is a cute dress that would probably leave you embarrassed during the August rush if Nudity is not your thing. But once I took it off the shelves I saw it for what it is and I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, the dress fits like a glove. The problem is that the Boobs are a double D. Lucky for me the person that took these photos is a woman and her name is Linda, one of my oldest best friends. So, while taking pictures she kept saying tuck in your boob, which was hilarious to me because one can’t tuck in your boobs. But I’m sure you all know what she went by that when she said ‘tuck in your boobs’. The boobs kept falling out, or rather nips kept peekaboo-ing.

It got so bad that I could not wear the dress out without feeling self-conscious. There were a couple of things I could have done to salvage the situation. One of them is wearing nipple pads to stop the nip slips. The other thing is that all I could have done was wear a bra. A bra with see-through straps would have done wonders for my Ta-Tas. But we move.

A time to reflect.

I’m sitting here in my living room. On my cream-white rug writing this. But before we get into the reflection. I just got back from work, so I have some hours left before my body tells me it’s time for shut-eye. I’m enjoying a hot cup of decaf coffee and thinking about how beautiful it has been running this blog. Beliciousmuse hasn’t always been an easy gig. Most of the initial journey was hard but the rest of it became simple. Once I got the hang of it, It was smooth sailing all the way.     

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have enjoyed writing this for me.

Leave comments below on where we can improve.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “Jumpin’ into the this quote like…”Give me a cute jumpsuit, and I’m ready to slay the day.”


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