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Lady Zamar Monarch Album Launch and Birthday dinner

Lady Zamar birthday dinner was on a Wednesday, the 19th of June. The Birthday dinner was combined with the Launch of Lady Zamar Monarch, her new studio album and the successor to King Zamar.  When she initially invited me to her birthday party, I was a bit nervous because I’d be in a huge room with most of her friends and I don’t know half of them. But, the 19th of June belongs to Lady Zamar, so I decided to not make it about me or how I felt, and simply enjoy the day, the food and the company. P.S I am a bit shy.

The importance of being in the moment

Before Lady Zamar birthday dinner, I had asked if I could bring my camera, she said yes but, she didn’t want me to be ‘working’ she just wanted me to enjoy the food and celebrate with her as she turns another year and launches Monarch.  I carried my camera along anyway, but, when we finally arrived at the dinner, I saw her rehearsing a song called Adore from Monarch, but the acoustic version. The acoustic version of Adore from Monarch is so soulful, it reminded me of how talented she really is. It’s easy to say that Lady Zamar makes great songs because they has great beats. Contrary to that notion, her music is good because her voice is amazing.

The Road to success isn’t easy

Lady Zamar doesn’t just make house music, she creates music that touches lives and ‘figuratively’ brings you ‘closer to God’. Her sound is Heavenly. I was so emotional, hearing the acoustic version of Adore, I almost started crying, overwhelmed by happiness. The road that she has been driving on hasn’t been easy. It is filled with potholes, sharp curves, stones falling from the hills, painful uphill climbs and accelerated and unsafe downhill drives, sometimes.

Lady Zamar Birthday

In true Zamartian style, Lady Zamar asked me to make a speech.  She asked four of us, I was among-st the four, speaking second. When it was my turn to speak, I was engulfed by emotions and started tearing up. Something I hardly do in public. I love her so much and it makes me happy that she is as successful as she is. I couldn’t have dreamed that she would be this far in her music career a couple of years ago, only because the South African music industry is fickle and unstable. But Lady Zamar has managed to turn all the tables around and stand on top of them and make people notice her talent, lyrical mastermind, beautiful personality and African beauty, inside and out.


Monarch, the title of her 2nd Studio Album consists of 20 songs. My favourite song from the Album is Delirium. It has an old-school vibe to it, mixed with lyrics that pierce the soul and instruments that make you want to keep dancing and acting a fool. I’m also obsessed with Sunshine, Donatella and I wish. Destiny is a more spiritual track and Our Process is heart warming, Dangerous Love is breathtaking and ICU is rhythmic.

Monarch is also a Butterfly. One of the biggest butterflies in the world. A monarch is also a sovereign head of state, especially a King, queen, or emperor. It makes perfect sense why Lady Zamar would name her new Album Monarch because it exceeds King Zamar and because Lady Zamar, although she is strong, she is also a butterfly. She is sweet, whimsical, down to earth, funny and all in all a holistic and well-rounded human being.

Double meaning of Monarch

The double meaning of Monarch also plays into the fact that Monarch the Album is a double disc. On the one side, there are the more powerful songs. On the flip side, the music is whimsical, not too serious, fun, playful and chilled.

The Albums 2 Personalities

Lady Zamar Monarch is a beautiful Album with two personalities. And Launching it in the same week as her Birthday is a sure sign of rebirth and blooming into the powerful Monarch Lady Zamar truly is. What a time to be alive. To having lived and witnessed such greatness. You might say that oh well’ you are her sister, you are supposed to say that she is great’. Not even!!! I say it like it is. But if Lady Zamar Monarch wasn’t great I wouldn’t say anything at all. I would never bad mouth her. I would just keep quiet.  I’m saying all these nice things because the album is nice and its worth a listen. I’m sure you will find a song or two you will absolutely relate to on the Album.

Support South African Artists

I do not have a lot of images from Lady Zamar Birthday dinner or Album launch only because I got taken by the moment.  I was happy, emotional and teary at the same time. I am so proud of her. Whether she reads this or not, it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is YOU reading this and Sharing this blog and continue to support South African Artists.


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