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Love IS Blind by Lady Zamar

The first time I heard Lady Zamar Love is blind, I was sitting in her living room and we were talking about her music and career path. She has such huge plans. But you know what they say, ‘If your plans don’t scare you, they are not big enough’. Was good hearing all her ideas and I’m absolutely proud of her for coming this far. #KeepItUp

She particularly tells me about this specific song she and her team have been working on and asks if I’d like to hear it. But of course!!! Why not?? And there I am, with a big grin, honored to be one of the first to hear her new music. I could call this a listening session, but it wasn’t that formal, so… Ill keep calm

I was appreciating the earrings she had just gifted me when she started playing the Lady Zamar Love is Blind song through her living room speakers. You know these days with house music, there is always that long wait at the begining before the beat drops and the song actually starts sounding different from the rest. Well, not this melody. It immediately caught my attention. Lady Zamar Love is Blind stands out. It is a different kind of House track and if you listen closely you might mistake it for a pop one. (Not a bad thing)

The chorus is so catchy I knew the words after the second time it played (it’s a bit like chanting, but who cares). Lady Zamar Love is Blind has simplified lyrics compared to its predecessors’ Buy me the Moon’ and ‘Prayer for Love’ etc. This one is so simple and so much fun I’m willing to bet that it appeals to almost everyone. All ages, genders and races.

Think I’m over exaggerating??? Well, listen to the song yourself!! Lady Zamar Love is Blind is what modern House music is made of. Song currently being played on Metro FM and other local radio Stations. You can download it HERE.



Lady Zamar Love is Blind Lyrics.

Iv seen you moving
The way that you do things
Heaven sent depending
On our fantasies trailing
How much more could I love you
Through all that you’ve been thru
And you need me here to show you
I’m telling you the truth

Way in
Way way in
Way way in
Way way in
Way way in
I’m telling you the truth
Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind

Close your eyes you’re dreaming
Don’t leet bother
Try tear me away
Don’t leave my heart in dread I’ll stay
Nourish your thirst on my breast
Containy heart
Wear it in your cheast
This son fight be a little clique but hey

I’m way in
Way way in
Way way in
Way way in
Way way in
I’m tell in you the truth
Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind
Love is blind
Love is blind

(Repeat chorus as you hear it repeat)

Let me love you
Till there is nobody but you
Let me love you
Till there is nobody but you

I’m way in (chorus again as you hear it)


Lady Zamar and Badeya


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  1. i swear this tune is killing me

  2. Lady Zamar i love this song so much that i want to cry when i hear it

    1. Aaahhh babe dont cry ?

  3. Heard this song being played by a friend of mine in a car. As we were cruising. I stopped on the pave just to let it out. I heard the voice and just thought of lady zamar, I had to hunt the full version down. Its midnight I am playing it still. It just eases my pain. What a jam Lady Zamar.

    1. Sorry to hear you are in pain but glad to hear that something takes the pain away. Keep listening #FindPeace

  4. Tshiamo Tiya says:

    I love this song

  5. Lethu Msibi says:

    I’m stuck on repeat. by far one of the BEST HITS EVER!

    I Love It ♡

    1. It’s totally the best !! ?

  6. MASEGO says:


    1. Bogiie†Bang†Biiegh says:

      Omg wah a track I really Quanch it wow gal keep it up

  7. Mahlako says:

    ? wow ….ur voice n d beat me ?? .m also stuck on repeat


  8. Fifiniki says:

    Wow lady Zamar i was hurt bt dis song makes want a better lv life dope hit kip it up

  9. prisca says:

    Love is blind song of the year ko botsa ka yona san korr boH Love is blind

  10. colleen mashilwane says:

    I I love this song

  11. Ipeleng says:

    What a song ey love is blind I like it really like It

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