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Lady Zamar Music Reign won’t let up. Thanks to her fans on all social media platforms and at gigs supporting her, TV and radio stations etc. But most importantly her enormous vocal and creative talent and her partner in crime, Junior Taurus.

She currently writes all or most of her music but this did not just happen overnight. Her success has been a slow build up and now she’s reaping the fruits of her labor.

You might think she’s just talented but let me assure you, she has worked pretty damn hard to be where she is right now and she works even harder to grow her career and her brand.

On this particular day we were waiting for a movie to start, I asked to snap some pictures of her for my blog while waiting for the movie because I know there are lot of you guys reading this that enjoyed the previous Chit chat we had with Lady Zamar, plus  I had my camera and we were probably not going to get another opportunity, this woman is busy. Looking stylish is another reason I did the shoot, I thought she looked awesome.

Poor girl woke up at four that morning for a couple of interviews in Joburg  but she managed to catch up with me. Her day wasn’t over though , after movies we met up with a choreographer for what seems like a new video they are working on.

When I want to hang out with her these days I need to make an appointment. But it’s not like she is being weird or anything , its her hectic  schedule and in her own words,  ‘Time is not a commodity I can waste anymore’.

Lol this one time in Menlyn mall I literally became her unofficial  photographer as every few minutes people would first ask among themselves  if that’s Lady Zamar, once they were sure, they would come up to us and ask for a picture. I was like, nah, its cool, ill take your picture. And that’s how it was the entire day.

Later that evening she told me of the extent of her ‘fame’. She said that sometimes she has to hide herself with caps and sunglasses if she just wants to hang out with her friends and have privacy. She says that she enjoys all the love her fans give her but sometimes she just wants to have lunch and just chill with her friends. So she doesn’t get mad she just improvises and goes incognito.

I love her for being genuine and I wish her all the best in her career. LADY ZAMAR FOREVER!!!

Lady Zamar OUTFIT:

Sneakers: Pandora,

Leggings and Stunners: Fashion Express,

Shirt/Top: Sports Scene

Accessories: Botique


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