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Lady Zamar, songbird of tracks like Buy Me the Moon, Run Away

and so many more shares with us some of her favorite items of clothing, her album release information and inspiring words of motivation. What a pleasure it was to sit down with her and listen to her speak with so much confidence and drive. The Lady Zamar brand continues to dominate airwaves being playlisted  on radio stations like YFM and Metro FM and many others .Watch out for this growing super star!!!

What are your favourite colours and why?

Lady Zamar: My favourite colours are green and red. Red because it looks beautiful on me, it is a bright colour, it brightens up any outfit and it’s very feminine. I love green because it’s a colour that brings nature to life and it shows energy, growth in nature, freshness and it’s very tranquil. When I see green, I feel at peace.

Do you have any particular colour theme that you follow within your albums and tours?

Lady Zamar: Ya, I follow Red, black, white and grey

Why those colours?

Lady Zamar: First of all I think black and white are very sophisticated colours, grey is like a muted down version of black and red, as I said earlier, is my favourite colour.

What kind of clothes do you like wearing, and why?

Lady Zamar: I love slacks. They are easy to wear; they are not heavy, very light. I also love wearing graphic t-shirts. I love wearing blazers, I believe that stylish blazers kind of give an edge to casual outfits and I love bandage dresses.

How would you describe your dressing style?

Lady Zamar: Very sophisticated but also very young and playful and, depending on the shoes, my style can become extremely elegant or toned down with a pair of sneakers.

What in your opinion makes a good song?

Lady Zamar: A good song has the right message and is made with a purpose not just for the sake of making a song. A good vocabulary and a great production team is a must.

What book have you read recently and what did you learn from it?

Lady Zamar: The Heavenly Man by Paul Hathaway. What I learnt from it was; when you believe in something you need to stick to it. When I say, in my case, that I am a Christian, I need to be able to die for it, I cannot just say it. In the book the man who goes through all the trials survives on the fact that he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he believes in God and that God will help him. He was not convinced by someone, he truly believed what he believed and he stuck to it. One of the most inspiring books I have ever read. It’s also a tear jerker so there was a lot of crying involved.

What are the philosophies that keep you going, what are your motivators?

Lady Zamar: I am a firm believer in God and without him nothing I have is possible. And even if it were possible, I would never enjoy it. God is the center of my life.

I also have a firm belief in having no regrets. A lot of people make decisions without thinking about the consequences of those choices, which is bad. It’s easy to regret though even I do it sometimes but I try to live a life where when I look back I have no regrets.

I also believe that you are only as good as your last recording. A lot of people love to hold on to the limelight of a previous song, well, I don’t believe in that. If you are confortable and happy with your last recording, that is how good you are. No matter how brilliant the world may see you, you as an artist must be hell bent on always being better.

Tell us more about your music.

Lady Zamar: For those of you who are looking forward to our debut album, it will be released sometime this year, I (Lady Zamar) and Junior Taurus.

Any last words?

Never give up, no matter how negative the world is and no matter how bad the world gets, never give up on what you believe in. Always do what you love no matter what happens and make sure that when you go to bed every night, you are happy with the results of that day and proud of every single thing that you’ve done.



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  2. Thulisile Precious says:

    I have been reading Lady zamars chit chat..and believe me her last words really inspire me..
    This women has something in her that can get one smiling for no reason.
    Lady zamar, your music heals a lot of souls out here..In that case you’re such a blessing dearest..I wish you all the best in everything you do.
    Keep doing what you do girl..
    You are my inspiration

    1. Thank you for your wonderful feedback Thulisile… will sure pass on the message.
      She’s awesome right? she sure is.

  3. The way i get mad hearing Lady Zamar’s songs she don’t have any idea of how much this is a big love to me…love you man as for you tracks you killing them with success you have to buy me a ticket were you’ll perform

    1. hi Paul… But, if you love her so much, you should support her. Get a ticket to one of her shows. Show her some love 🙂

  4. ronny says:

    nuch marato for dis girl, i always play her music wen i woke up and bfore i sleep

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