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Some times as a fashion blogger I get torn between buying and choosing what I love and showing you guys the latest trends. It’s a catch twenty two because I’m not always into the latest trends. So i try to mix a little bit of both. Cute dresses are an all year round spring/ summer trend and I love wearing dresses for their convenience so this outfit is a perfect mix between trendy and personal love. When it’s cold you can pair cute dresses with a shoulder coat and when it’s hot you can take some layers off the cute dresses.

I wore this dress from Rage South Africa and paired it with flats from Call it spring. The bag is also from Call it spring and shades from down town jozi aka Small Street and earrings from LOVISAt. This outfit would have looked different if I had paired it with a pair of killer heels but, who has time to be strolling in heels in one of the biggest malls in South Africa? #NotMe. The most important, when it comes to wearing cute dresses, is pairing them with shoes that are comfortable whether heels or flat pumps.

There are so many compliments I have received wearing cute dresses, whether these cute dresses are short or long there is something very feminine and sensual about dresses that turn men on. But let’s be fair, we, as women, usually dress up for other girls because if we dressed up for guys, we would go around naked because most of the average man wants to see thighs, tits and ass. LOL!!! But we are not always surrounded by just average men, there are men out there that enjoy and appreciate a well-dressed woman whether it’s cute dresses, pants, shorts, suits etc.

I enjoy living in South Africa and I appreciate how far we have come to gender equality. I appreciate what has been done in South Africa to make both genders equal but there is still much work to be done. Equal pay is still a myth among others but I like where we are heading.

In the past, everyone, including other women, saw women as liabilities. But…The modern women has not just sat down and waited for life to happen. Women have proved to others that they are more than just cute dresses and beautiful clothes and nice legs. Behind that beautiful smile there is a woman using that smile in a business meeting convincing those sitting on the round table to buy or sell. Behind those beautiful hands there is a woman set on obtaining a doctorate in whatever she is studying. Behind that round dearie there is a woman walking away from an abusive relationship. #BecauseSheCan

There is a perception that girls are emotional and that we are ruled by hormones. Truth is, we are emotional… we are outraged at the injustice of unequal pay, we are angry at women being abused and we are furious that it took this long for women to be acknowledged and appreciated in South Africa and in most parts of the world.

So, behind every cute dress there is a woman trying to make it in life. Behind every pair of sparkling eyes there is a woman that has already made it and she didn’t make it on her back, she got up and hustled. Behind every woman wearing a gorgeous dress, there is a thinking woman… While average women are thinking of getting men with money, the above average woman is thinking ‘’ ok, I want a man with money but do I have money??? And so life goes on and so begins the journey of a winning women.

To wrap up todays blog: We, Linda and I, ate at one of the best place on EARTH to have BURGERS. ROCOMAMAS!! I recommend you guys to try it out soon! Rocomamas Mall of Africa is usually packed during the weekends so maybe midweek or a Monday would be ideal… But… those are just my recommendations.


Women are not just cute dresses, pretty heels and gorgeous legs, we are more than our cute dresses, we are JUST SOOO MUCH MORE.

Quote: Those that underestimate a woke woman will always wind up getting the short end of the stick







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