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Krone Sparkling Wine: Tales of Romance or Madness

Krone Sparkling Wine: With February 14th just around the corner, the time has come to decide how you’ll celebrate your love this year. Sparkling wine and Champagne have long been synonymous with the dizzy heights and star-struck feelings of a new romance. In the seventeenth century, Dom Pérignon announced he was ‘Drinking the stars. And, in the 1958 film, Gigi, Leslie Caron insisted that you could ‘Fly to the sky on Champagne.’ Whether you are in the first throes of love or a rather more established long-term committed relationship, I think that a glass of bubbles is the perfect way to toast your togetherness!

I can’t remember how many times I have felt that I was in love with a person after a couple of drinks of Sparkling Wine, Krone Sparkling Wine!  Just to wake up the next morning and remember all the embarrassing things I said and the countless ‘I love you’ I professed to either a total stranger or a guy I was barely seeing. The thought of the previous night too deep to comprehend with the sunny sun seeping through a window as I cover my head with my duvet and pray I forget the previous night.

The secret to drinking Krone Sparkling wine.

The best way to drink ANYTHING is with a semi-full stomach. Yes, get ready for another embarrassing flashback. Bongiwe had asked to hang out but because I didn’t want to pay for the bottle of champagne that costs an arm and a leg at the bar, I opted for pre-drinks at my house and then uber-ed to groove. When I got there, I was LIT. But being lit then made me make some terrible decisions. I decided to order a different sparkling wine from the one I had started drinking at my house. Big Mistake. Bongiwe was seated with two guys. When I got there, I completed the square. It was an amazing night until I started getting dizzy. Then remembered that I hadn’t eaten the whole day. So, yep you guessed it. After 30 more minutes I ran to the bathroom, and every drink I had drank that day came pouring out of my body. It was a mess. Never again.

The perfect way to drink Sparkling Wine

Krone is a Vintage-only Method Cap Classique, produced on Twee Jonge Gezellen wine estate in Tulbagh, South Africa. Now Picture this… You and your boo have taken a short left to a vineyard in Tulbagh. You have booked a hotel or Air BNB close to the Wine estate. It’s almost evening and you are wearing a layered short white dress with spaghetti straps and the wind is blowing your dress ever so slightly. You walk hand in hand in the vineyard (Wine Estate) because you have booked a tasting for 5 PM. It’s a bit chilly so you opted to sit outside by the fire. But it’s not too cold. The soft blankets they gave you in case things get really chilly provide for a romantic evening in the open air.  

You sit in the arms of your loving partner and watch the sun go down.  It’s an open-plan fire area so the kids are not too far away, playing a bit further but away from you. They come in for hugs and kisses and attention now and again and it’s ok because, at that specific moment, everything is as it should be.  The Scenery, the orange, clouds, and the slightly chilly breeze make the moment magical.

There are two bottles of Krone Sparkling wine before you with beautiful flute champagne glasses. One of the glasses (yours) has a touch of red lipstick and the other is hardly drunk. The warmness of the Sparkling wine makes you think of having another baby with your partner because this moment could not be any more magical as you cuddle even closer and lay your head on your partner’s chest.

The Devil is real, he comes in a bottle of Bubbles.

The evil of sparkling wine can make you feel like anything is beautiful. You drop your guard and stop thinking for a while. So, that’s why Krone sparkling wine should be drunk at celebrations but also anytime when you are with your loved one. It’s nice taking a sip here and there. The Bubbles are the devil hahaha. They will make you do things or feel things you are not ready to feel or unpack. But all those feelings are a lie. It’s just bubbles. The Bubbles made you do it. Sparkling wine makes you feel good and happy. So, enjoy. Iife can be really short so live in the present. But if life is long, drink responsibly. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Maboneng and Krone’s memories

I’m writing this from Maboneng. Here we are, in Johannesburg CBD, Maboneng. But as soon as You step out of the Maboneng precinct, the familiar smell of the city not being taken care of hits you like a ton of bricks. But after a few sips of Krone Sparkling wine, the city starts to smell like red roses in a bouquet in Summer. The graffiti walls look like Van Gogh Paintings in spring. Anything and everything looks so much better with a glass of bubbles in your hand.


King of the Krone

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