mask proof lipstick, kiss proof lipstick review

Mask Proof, kiss proof lipstick review; Loreal, Essence, MAC

I receive a lot of beauty products via post from incredible beauty brands but some I purchase. Some beauty products I have the opportunity to test in the shop before I purchase but  with other beauty and makeup products I don’t have the same luxury. Buying a kiss proof lipstick or a mask proof lipstick is important during these times where we have to protect ourselves 24/7.

I don’t even know and cant tell you how many makeup pieces I have bought and they have just sat there for months in my makeup counter without being used. Its annoying. You might ask, but.. when you do test the KISS PROOF LIPSTICK products, don’t they look  good on you? Well, some retailers have a bright light in the mirrors that sometimes gives a fake impression on how the product really looks like on your skin tone. And some makeup products don’t have a tester, all you have is a bottle and you compare it against your skin in hopes that it will look great once it has been tried on.

By testing these matte kiss proof lipsticks/ mask proof lipsticks I am trying to save you the trouble of going to buy all three just to be disappointed. And by sharing my opinion, you hopefully wont get any lip infections because of all the lips those applicators  have been on. LOL

Matte kiss proof Lipsticks are fun to have especially matte lipsticks that deliver what they promise. Although these three matte lipsticks are all matte, that doesn’t mean that they are the best matte lipstick for you. Some people have really dry lips but still want to wear matte lipsticks that don’t dry out their lips further. The best solution to that type of problem is to wear matte lipsticks that also moisturize.

Kiss proof lipsticks/ mask proof lipsticks  do exist but all kiss proof lipsticks will and have to come off at SOME time. Whether its on your boyfriends face or whether its in the shower. My point is, even if a lipstick says its kiss proof, it dos come off, unless its a tattoo lol and who does that???

The L’Oreal mate liquid red lip colour is perfect for those that don’t want their lips to dry out during the day. Bu., bare in mind, a tiny small little kiss will transfer your lipstick from your lips to someone’s cheek ,which is good or bad, depending on whether your the side chick or the main one LOL. don’t LEAVE EVIDENCE IF YOU ARE not the one, unless you want to start trouble.

The Revlon red lip colour is a bit of a mix between the mac cosmetics lip colour and the Loreal one. The Revlon Lip colour doest dry out your lips but still gives your lips a matte dryish finish.

The mac cosmetics red lip colors the most matte and the most dry. This lip colour is peck proof but not French kiss proof. But its a good choice if you like high and dry lip colours that are matte. Anyway.. if you want to see more and feel out the textures, watch the video below. Please share, like, comment and subscribe.




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