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Apparently guys these days ‘don’t care ‘if a woman can cook or not as long as she’s a ‘ good kisser’, meaning a good girfriend. These allegations that guys don’t care if a girl can cook or not come from three different views or schools of thought. The first school of thought is from girls that say that if a man wants me to cook, he can get a maid.  The other school of thought goes something like this… he loves me regardless, im pretty and I am smart and I don’t have to cook to keep a man. The third view stems from girls that think ‘why doesn’t he cook himself… if he is hungry he should be able to make his own food lol he has two arms’.

What these schools of thought don’t take into consideration is that a relationship is between two people. Two people can decide how they want their relationship to run. Frankly… im tired of hearing people tell other people  that they won’t get a man if they can’t cook. The truth is… you won’t get the one that expects you to be a chef but you will get the one that doesn’t mind you NOT cooking.

We are made to be with people that compliment us. If you are the no cooking type of girl. .. get a man that doesn’t need you to cook and vice versa.

Its like saying… you will never get a man if you are not a virgin but believe me… some of the most religious of men have gotten married to prostitutes. These examples can even be found in the bible. Hold on to your virginity and give it to your husband but he also should not be with you BECAUSE ARE A VIRGIN. See what im saying?

Your purpose in life is to live your best life. And your life partner will never require from you what you can’t do. And to those that have gotten married to men that require them to cook..  marriage is a partnership and it requires a bit of compromise.  If you love him… you will learn and try and if he loves you he will understand when he sees you trying

My mom is a chef by nature so she taught all of us to cook… so for me.. I kiss and I cook and I do them very well. Lol

Hugs and Kisses

From Bea and Bey with her cute bag ?

I kiss better than I cook

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  1. Yes, I agree with you

  2. Kiss and Cook are different things. Totally different

  3. Both need for keeping happy

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