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I was on my way back to Pretoria some time during the week so I requested Taxify in Melrose towards the Rosebank Gautrain station. The journey took about 5 minutes as where I was from wasn’t too far from the Rosebank Gautrain Station. I got there in time for the train as the train that was gotta take me to Pretoria station was leaving in 8 minutes. It was around 11 o’clock AM.

When I got to the Centurion station I requested a Taxify to meet me at Pretoria station. Taxify is a public transport system that uses a similar app to uber to get clients. Taxify doesn’t have set cars like UBER . UBER usually uses Toyota, Chevy, VolksWagen at normal prices and Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi for the more luxurious clients. Taxify doesn’t use this method. As long as you have a car you can work for Taxify which can be a problem.

I finally got off at Pretoria Station and immediately received a call from my Taxify driver. Bare in mind it’s been a long morning, I’m exhausted already and I just really wanna get back to my office.
The Taxify driver told me to wait for him at Caltex garage as Uber and Taxify drivers are not allowed to get in Pretoria station because of the war between apps like Taxify and Uber vs Meter Taxis.

So I told him I will wait for him by the traffic lights. I glanced at the kind of car the app was showing me he is driving and looked at the face briefly. So I waited while he was driving towards me. While I was waiting a car came an stopped in front of me. I thought that was my Taxify driver so I asked if he’s Godfrey, he’s just said get in. so i got in because i know that if the meter taxis found him giving me a ride he would get in trouble. So i quickly got in. The car was run down and the seat belt not workong but remember Taxify cars are random. You could even get a Renault picking you up.

The guy asked me, so where is the money… while his driving. I responded, I requested with my card, I dont have money. So he continued, where are you going? I told him. So where is the money? He asked again. Now I was confused so I told him that I’m confused, why does he want money when I requested with a card.

I asked him to turn left, he said no and continued driving. I’m going to the garage , he replied. So he continued, do you know that we don’t just beat up uber drivers, we also take the phones and bags of those that use these apps. Now I wanted to get out of the car because I found out that he wasn’t the Taxify driver i had requested. He was a meter taxi driver.

He drove the car and parked at the back of the Caltex garage where there was just me and him. Switched off his engen and looked at me and said… let’s talk. Immediately I felt like I was in danger and luckily I was wearing converse and didn’t have a lot of luggage. So I grabbed my things and ran out the car towards the front of the garage.

The guy wanted to either hurt me or rob me because he had seen me requesting a Taxify and currently there is a war in Gauteng concerning Public transport apps and meter taxis.
Once I told someone from the Filling station what had happened I drank some water to calm myself down and started walking to a safer place to request a ride via my app. I walked a good 20 minutes until Melrose Place Museum. Got in the museum and finally requested an Uber… not Taxify.

Anyway… I’m writing this so to warn you that be careful when you request a ride.
1. Make sure you are at a safe place to request a ride AWAY from Meter Taxis
2. Make sure you check the persons face before getting in the car and Crossmatch number plates and care types as anyone can steal an uber car and pose as the driver, kidnap and rape you And leave you in the dumps.
3. Always share your eta with someone you trust
4. Always be ready to jump off a car if you think you are in danger.

This could have gone south. I could have been writing to you from a hospital bed but I think I’m lucky.

This guy basically kidnapped me for a few minutes and no one forced me to get into his car. #Facts

Be aware. Be vigilant. Take care.



NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 04: A taxi is viewed on September 4, 2012 in New York City. As of Tuesday, yellow taxis may begin charging more following an approved fare increase for riders. Taxi rates have remained virtually unchanged since 2006 and will now rise by an expected 17 percent. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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