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Kendall and Kylie One Piece Lime Swimsuit

The Kendall and Kylie Lime Swimsuit in Bela Bela (Warmbaths)

I wore the Kendall and Kylie lime swimsuit the previous day at a pool party and my sister Thenji, and I took the images on that same day. But when we looked back at the film, most of the images were unusable because we found that we had been using the flash, unaware. I don’t even know how we missed that very important detail. But to cut a very long story short, I couldn’t wear the swimwear I had planned on wearing to Bela Bela Warmbaths because I needed to redo the photo shoot for this specific blog post.

Malica the Photographer

Do you know how hard it is to get really good photos from a camera when you are traveling without a photographer? Wild!! So Thenjis’ Daughter took most of these images. Which made it difficult for her to be in the shots. But I have so many images of her, and will probably post them and flood this feed, and you guys will probably get sick of them. I love her to bits and pieces. I love these kids so much that when I think about how much I would do for them and how far I would go to make them happy I think to myself, how much more my own kids. I wonder how I will be as a mom and how much you guys will probably hate me because of all the images and videos I’ll over share of my sons and daughters. Looking forward to that.

Warmbaths (Bela Bela)

Warmbaths is an amazing resort and water park. However, I wasn’t aware that I would be driving 1 and a half hours to and another one and a half hours back. Three hours on the road. But boy oh boy was it worth it. When we got there, we realized we needed to pay for three people, but Michael went in for free. The joys of having a child under two. But Michael is a covid Baby, so he’s not really used to having so many people around him. Or rather, so many strangers around him. So, Michael took almost forever to get used to everyone at the water park but once he got used to it, it was fun all day. I don’t think he even wanted to leave.

Warmbaths was strange for me because I didn’t know that the waters in the pools are heated. The water was boiling. It felt like we were in a huge Jacuzzi. The slides were amazing, the water waves were brilliant, and because it was two parents plus two minors, we were able to take turns taking care of the kids so we both could have fun.

Lifeguards and Thick thighs save lives

So, thank God for lifeguards. But what do you do when the lifeguard has one eye on you and the other eye on the swimming pool? I could not do much, but I also tried to not let it affect me. Once the lifeguard’s shift was over, he walked up to me, gave me compliments about my body, and asked for my numbers. Those of you guys who know me know that I’m a very warm person. I wasn’t rude but neither was I too friendly. The sun was setting, and the kids were tired, so we decided to leave. Actually, they were chasing us out because we are day visitors. But 6 PM in South African Summer is sunny outside.  Grateful for the experience, nonetheless, we headed towards Gauteng, from Limpopo.

The journey back home and toll gates

Re-entering Gauteng was a wild card. No one could have prepared us for the 1-hour traffic we had to endure so we could pass the toll gate and enter Gauteng borders. All of us were in shock. The funny part was that we saw the traffic backlogs when leaving the Gauteng toll gate hours earlier, but we didn’t think that it would affect us coming back. All in all, our day at Warmbaths Bela Bela was fun, exciting, and a day to remember. I hope the kids remember how much fun they had because all I remember is watching over them and praying no one preyed on them. I also remember begging the security guys to take me some images of the Kendall and Kylie lime swimsuit of which they did an ok job, bless their souls. But most of the images we used for this blog were taken by Malica. How nice is it to have kids that are willing to help you build your photography/ modelling career?

When I look at these images of the Kendall and Kylie lime one-piece swimwear what comes to mind is that the swimwear is family-friendly especially if you want to be modest but sexy. It has a certain nostalgia to it. Something I would have seen my mother wear back in the day, but she would have maybe added shorts or tights over the Kendall and Kylie one-piece lime swimsuit.  The energy the Kendall and Kylie Lime swimsuit exudes is that it is not overly sexy, but it isn’t too modest. It covers what It needs to cover but exposes a beautiful back and some nice cheeks. A bit cheeky but well put together, sassy but not too revealing. Family Guy once quoted in Season 19 episode 4 when Loise says, I got to put on my swimsuit that’s a one-piece that turns into shorts once you hit a certain age that’s the swimsuit you have for the next 40 years. But I do not think so, and neither do I agree. One-piece swimwear can be fun and flirty and comfortable. A person can want comfort when their older or younger. Comfort Is like a luxury. It’s nice to have it whenever you like.

Love you guys


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