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The Kardashian Beauty Collection is brought to you by three of the most famous sisters of our generation. In the Kardashian collection is a range of luxury makeup and cosmetics but this article is about  Kardashian  Hair.

Kardashian Beauty Product are honestly not that different to other hair and makeup brands. The only difference is that they are created by Kim, Khloe and Khortney.  Because Kardashians are such luxurious brands, having Kardashian Beauty products makes one Luxurious (if not already) by Association. Its crazy, but its life. We always want what we think makes the other person happy.

While the Kardashians Beauty products are simply just that, beauty products, they still have a little bit more magic than other brands. Take the Kardashians curl-defining cream gel for instance. It is light weight, it holds and controls frizz and it adds radiance and shine. A perfect 3 in one Kardashian Hair Beauty Product

The one thing I love about Kardashian beauty is its versatility. It can be used on almost any hair texture. Its your normal everyday hair product in pretty Kardashian Beauty Packaging with a stuning load of sass and luxury.

Kardashian Beauty is relevant to the South Africa Fashion and Beauty  girl because most of us do not buy online. So, this is a perfect opportunity to feel a product before choosing to buy. The other advantage is that you can get it immediately. Shopping online is cool, that’s if you want something two to three days from now, but when you are desperate, popping in a store  to buy your favorite beauty product is just awesome.(without having to wait for it)

Kardashian Beauty launched its products at Foschini stores.Being part of such a huge product launch was awesome. We got to dress up and party all in the name of ‘K’ while meeting interesting bloggers and socialites and oh em gee – Thando Thabete.

Make sure you pop in a Foschini store near you and get yourself a bag of Kardashian beauty. By the way.. attended this Beauty Launch with the lovelies Mmalethabo Kgomongwe and Kloset La Chaz.